New Ways of Teaching History Lesson PLans

In a technology and media-driven world, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to get our students’ attentions and keep them absorbed in classroom discussions. This generation, in particular, has brought a unique set of challenges to the educational table. Whereas youth are easily enraptured by high-definition television, computers, iPods, video games and cell phones, they are less than enthralled by what to them are obsolete textbooks and boring classroom lectures.

When provided with merely a textbook as a supplemental learning tool, test results have revealed that most students fail to pinpoint the significance of historical events and individuals. Fewer still are able to cite and substantiate primary historical sources. What does this say about the way our educators are presenting information?

If we have learned anything from history that can be applied to every time period, it is that the only constant is change. The teaching of history, or any subject for that matter, is no exception. The question is no longer whether to bring new technologies into everyday education; now, the question is which technologies are most suitable for the range of topics covered in junior high and high school history classrooms. Fortunately, technology has provided us with opportunities to present our Civil War lesson plans or our American Revolution lesson plans in a variety of new ways.

Teachers can easily target and engage the learners of this generation by effectively combining the study of history with innovative multimedia. PowerPoint® presentations in particular can expand the scope of traditional classroom discussion by helping teachers to explain abstract concepts while accommodating students’ unique learning styles. PowerPoint® study units that have been pre-made for history classrooms include all manner of photos, prints, maps, audio clips, video clips and primary sources which help to make learning interactive and stimulating. Presenting lessons in these enticing formats helps technology-driven students retain the historical information they’ll need to know for standard exams.

Whether you’re covering Revolutionary War lesson plans or World War II lesson plans, PowerPoint® study units are available in formats to suit the needs of your classroom. Multimedia teaching instruments like PowerPoint® software are getting positive results the world over, framing conventional lectures with captivating written, auditory and visual content that helps students recall names, dates and causal relationships within a historical context.