New Rose Gardening Checklist

The most important factor while planting your roses is to check the pH balance of the soil which states whether the soil is acidic or alkaline. The soil test will determine what compounds are to be added to the soil while preparing the flower bed.

Once the soil texture is ascertained and the soil is ready, it is time to purchase your rose plant. This step is crucial and there should be no compromise on the quality.

Whether you choose from a plant grown in a pot or a bare root plant which is dormant, the quality should be the best. It is said that healthy plants which are dormant give a better bloom than those with long new shoots.

Again, though early spring is considered to be the ideal planting season for the roses, it is better to check from a well-known local nursery.

A well-cultivated soil makes planting easy and smooth. The roots are soaked for few minutes and the broken root-ends need to be pruned. The roots should never be kept exposed to the air which may end up in drying the root fibers.

The hole should be approximately one inch in width and depth enough for the roots to spread out. You should refill the hole till three-quarter and water the plant thoroughly.

Once the water gets soaked properly, the hole has to be filled fully and the soil is made firm around the roots. The planting procedure is same for potted plants where the pot has to be removed and the planting continues from spring to fall.