New Grads – Beat the Job Competition!

Winning your new job takes more than just arriving on time – after all, that’s obviously expected. But, what else are employers expecting from you when you arrive for your interview? Here are four tips you’ll want to keep in mind for interview success:

Tip 1: Employers will assume that you have done a good amount of research on their company. When they ask you what you know about them, you’ll get off to a good start by being able to discuss several pertinent points about the Company. To do this you must be sure your research includes:

* What the company’s mission is
* Sales and revenue (if public)
* What their growth rate has been
* Major products and services
* Who their competitors are
* Key management team
* Latest news on the company
* Clients, suppliers
* Company structure & culture

Employers want to know that you are interested in working for them and that you have the curiosity and energy to plan ahead for your meetings. This research technique will also help you come up with smart questions to ask your interviewer when they offer to answer any questions you may have. P.S. Always have questions!

Tip 2: Employers expect you to be able to discuss your strengths, give examples of your strengths in action and tell how your strengths will benefit them. In addition to your academic performance and experience (internships, etc., if applicable) a few other areas assessed during an interview are:

* Team work – how will you work and interact with others
* Self knowledge – a realistic assessment of who you are
* Personality – how will you fit into their culture
* Image – how you present yourself as well as your overall appearance
* Work ethic – reliability, integrity
* Confidence – ability to openly discuss goals and accomplishments

Tip 3: Employers expect you to tell them “What’s In It For Them” if they hire you. Gone are the days when you ask the employer why they think you should work for them. Be ready with 3 top reasons you are a good choice for the employer.

Tip 4: Employers will expect you to be able to provide them with some self-disclosure so they can get to know you better. You should be prepared to answer questions around:

* Weaknesses (and never use something lame like – “I just tend to work too hard” that’s a real eye roller)
* Your problem solving abilities
* Extra curricular activities
* Community involvement and/or volunteer services
* Why you chose your career field and information about your long term career goals

Remember, employers want top talent and you must be able to articulate your value and the benefit you will bring to an organization. If you prepare in advance you will bring confidence, enthusiasm and a positive attitude with you and it will show. So, turn your interview into a success story by preparing ahead. Get ready to beat the competition!