New Center for Energy Healing, New York City

For those of you who have never heard of Body Talk, upon first glance you may associate the term with something loosely related to animal “whispering,” except you are referring to humans. This is actually what I thought at first, but then Karen Atkins at The Body Talk Center in New York City set me straight. BodyTalk is a form of energy healing that repairs compromised channels of communication within the body. So, BodyTalk, unlike dog or horse whispering, is when you are working to heal the body, not necessarily “tame” it.

The focus of Body Talk is to facilitate clear dialogue between the body’s parts, organs and systems. To do this, BodyTalk employs a system of comprehensive question and answer protocol, as well as biofeedback to pinpoint the exact locations of those faulty communication lines. Once those lines are identified, a light tapping technique is used to repair them.

Apart from stimulating internal communication, a primary aim of Body Talk is to help you obtain a sense of awareness by letting your body “tell” you what it needs. This goes hand in hand with you learning to listen to what your body has to tell you. Karen Atkins refers to this energy healing process as fine tuning your internal compass.

Each problem that surfaces carries with it an important message–no matter how small the problem may seem. If the problem seems to be a large one, or has implications for becoming so, we should try not to let diagnoses scare us–this only exacerbates the issue and can make it more difficult to solve. On the other hand, we should hone in on solutions to our health problems, as well as the learning process by which we arrive at the solutions. Karen Atkins at Body Talk, New York City urges her patients to enjoy this educational process, often easing their minds with humorous anecdotes and enthusiasm at the prospect of having received a message from the body.

Mind you, physical issues are not the only areas where BodyTalk energy healing is effective. It also helps with emotional blocks that may have long been stagnant in the subconscious. After having been enlightened by the process of Body Talk, many folks have had epiphanies–realizing things that never occurred to them before having received energy healing. Others have experienced sudden bursts of inspiration and creativity that they’ve sought for a long time. Some people have even let go of heavy emotional baggage, allowing them to finally lose excess physical weight. Many people have even found that they experience a feeling of lightness, enabling them to handle just about anything with ease.

Like homeopathy, psychology, yoga and acupuncture, Body Talk is used to promote the wellbeing of the body-mind; in other words, it simplifies and clarifies the dialogue that exists between the body and the mind. This method of energy healing can be used exclusively as a comprehensive system or it can easily be partnered with other healing modalities, holistic or conventional. Body Talk does not diagnose or prescribe solutions for illnesses based on their symptoms. Instead, it seeks lasting remedies for deeply rooted problems by reconstructing flawed avenues of communication.

Are you interested in learning more about this dynamic energy healing modality? Plan a visit to the new Body Talk, New York City healing center. This lovely facility, with its gorgeous cityscape backdrop has space for music, dance and Thera-Band® classes, as well as BodyTalk healing sessions and educational workshops. The supportive community that comprises BodyTalk, New York City previously housed its gatherings at various locations in the city. The staff and members alike are very pleased to be able to now hold all of their events in one beautiful spot.

The BodyTalk Center never pushes its array of products, services, events and classes unless newcomers are genuinely interested. They prefer to put the idea of a comprehensive system of energy healing out there for those who would like to learn more. At Body Talk, New York City, you’ll find good people who have complete faith in the techniques they practice–they’ve experienced the results themselves and know that they work. The steady commitment to education is ever-present at this healing center. Willing learners who wish to take part in becoming fluent in the needs of their bodies–and the myriad of healing solutions available to them–are welcome anytime.