Nevada Houseboating

Places to Houseboat in Nevada

Nevada is a beautiful state due to its rugged cliffs, huge rock formations and colorful silts and rocks. Imagine boating in clear blue water while gazing at its beautiful landscape. Instead of taking your typical family trip, try renting a houseboat in one of Nevada’s lakes.

On the borders of Arizona and Nevada, a lake of blue water and fascinating landscape resides. Its name is Lake Mohave, which is surrounded by four canyons. These four canyons make many of the spectacular beaches, coves, and inlets only accessible to those on boat. That is great news for you because those areas are quite empty even on the most busiest days. Finding a special cove should not be difficult because of the many miles of coastline available to you on your houseboat. Lake Mohave is rather calm and has an empty appearance because of its size. As you adventure the coastline be sure to look for Indian artwork on the cliffs, made by those who inhabited this area long ago. This lake is also known for its fishing. Lake Mohave has a great variety of fish which includes striped bass, large-mouth bass, catfish, rainbow trout, and bluegill. There is always something biting for those who want to show off their fishing skills. If fishing does not interest you, there are always beaches to sunbath on.

Another beautiful lake on the borders of Arizona and Nevada is Lake Mead. This is the largest man-made lake and reservoir in the United States. Lake Mead is produced by the Colorado River and held by the Hoover Dam. This lake of 110 miles long holds about 2 year’s worth of water flow from the Colorado River! Whenever visiting this lake, make sure you wear cool clothes because the day time temperatures can reach 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Since the air temperature is so high, the water temperatures will be quite delightful. As you zoom around on your houseboat be sure to check out the fascinating cliffs, colorful rocks and formations. Keep that camera handy to take a snapshot of these glorious views. Like Lake Mohave, most of the beautiful coastline is not accessible by cars. Take advantage of your houseboat by visiting as many beautiful shorelines as possible.

While visiting Nevada, be sure to rent a houseboat at one of the resorts or marinas. The best way to see what Lake Mohave and Lake Mead has to offer is by boat. This is a great way for your family or business to relax from a hectic every day schedule.