Networking Into the Modeling Industry

You can find many modeling opportunities just by networking with those involved in the industry one way or another. And you just might make a major breakthrough just by “hooking up” with the right people. One thing is for sure – you won’t have much success with this strategy if you don’t get out and about!

Talk About Modeling To Those Who Are Interested

Talking about modeling with others and with the like-minded not only keeps this career on you mind, it also maintains your excitement with it. It’s an unfortunate thing, but people who don’t talk about their interests often lose their interests. Don’t let this happen to you.

Participate In Modeling Opportunities

Modeling opportunities are all over the place if you take the time to look for them. They may not be runway opportunities or career-making photo opportunities, but they could offer you the experience and contact information that you need to move onto bigger and better things.

Some places to start are self-improvement seminars, fashion and design classes, or even presentation workshops, which will expose you to “someone who knows someone who knows exactly who you need to get into contact with.”

Collaborate With Others Involved With Modeling

Once you’ve found yourself in the midst of a few golden opportunities, it’s time to collaborate on a few projects associated with those opportunities. In doing so, you’ll build important relationships – relationships that will teach you things about modeling that you didn’t know, guide you the right direction, and encourage you to go forth with your dreams.

Keep In Touch With Others Involved With Modeling

Part of the success of networking is following the “I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine” philosophy. That means once you begin to form important relationships and expand those relationships until you get your foot in the door, you don’t want to drop those who helped you in the beginning. So even after you’ve made it all the way to the esteemed Paris runway, keep in touch with those who gave you the phone number of ‘an Uncle who has a neighbor with a talent for taking beautiful photographs!’

And if you’re proud of the things that you’ve accomplished in your modeling career, tell everyone about it! Share your experience with others so that they too, can benefit from the things that you have learned. It’s all just part of the networking cycle.