Network Marketing Online, How To Do It Right

When I first started network marketing online, I was overwhelmed by details and I had absolutely no idea how to be successful at it. The problem that I had is the same problem that I see others having, and that’s that they don’t understand what the principles are that govern online network marketing success, and so instead of sponsoring new distributors, their time is wasted checking emails, refreshing their company back office, and other time consuming non productive activities.

In order to successfully market your online network marketing business, you’ve got to understand the foundational basics of success, and your business will transform if you stay focused on whatever step you’re on. There are four stages of growth in building an MLM business online and you’ve got to focus most of your attention on the activities in a sequential, rational manner. What I’m going to do is cover the four steps of growth and give you an assignment to focus your attention.

1. The first step of building your MLM online is to get your system and sales funnels in place. You can’t build a business and build a website at the same time, you’ve got to have the website and sales funnel in place first. Most people get frustrated when they’re not making any money and they don’t even have their sales system in place! I’ve never seen a franchise owner try to sell hamburgers before they erect their store, and online network marketing is no different.

2. The second step in network marketing online is learning how to create enough traffic to capture a significant enough portion of the marketplace to make a meaningful difference in your business. Trying to close prospects over the phone before you have any prospects doesn’t work, and you can’t have prospects until you have website traffic. There are a lot of effective ways to generate targeted traffic to your website, and they all work and are specialized to different kinds of personalities. You need to just choose one and realize that until you have at leaste 100 people a day going to your website, you’re not going to be able to close very many prospects.

3. The third step in network marketing online is capturing contact information from people who visit your website. This is usually done with an opt in form on a blog or sales page that allows a prospect to ask for more information about what you do. If you don’t capture your prospect’s information, building your business is going to be complete guesswork.

4. The final step of online network marketing is to learn how to prospect and close over the phone to people who request information and ask to be contacted by you. The great thing about building your business like this is that you will typically only ever talk to interested prospects, and the time that you spend on the phone is well spent. Sometimes people think they can get online and never call prospects and build a huge downline and the fact is that it just isn’t true. You want to move to step four as FAST as humanly possible when you’re starting your business, but realize that you can only do one thing at a time. If you don’t have any prospects, how are you going to close them?

Ok, now for your assignment. I want you to read through the four steps and ask yourself the following question: What’s next? Is your system set up? If not, set it up. If it’s set up, are you getting at least 100 visitors a day to your site? If not, learn to create traffic and focus on that. Are you converting at least 10% of your visitors to leads? If not, get educated on creating a compelling offer that captures attention and focus on that skill. Are you getting at least 10 leads per day? If so, focus on PROSPECTING. I hope this helped you, and I’ll look forward to seeing you at the top of your companies pay plan.

Online Network Marketing can be a rewarding business to be involved in if you know how to build it right.