Natural World Teen Bodybuilding – Teenager Body Building

In the present times, the trend of teen body building is gaining momentum, luring the youngsters to head their way to gyms. There are many benefits of teen bodybuilding. It can keep teen occupied and help them to develop good habits and discipline. Apart from looking good in front of ladies and becoming fit and healthy, they also develop good self-esteem and self-confidence.

A good age to start bodybuilding workout program is around the age of 16. As teenagers are not fully-grown yet, there are some restrictions. Teenagers below the age of 13 should not start weight lifting or undertake a heavy body building regiment. Squats and dead lifts should never be performed either before the teenager is 16.

Teen bodybuilding, or any bodybuilding requires good nutrition and diet. This is where many teen bodybuilders run into some problems due to their tight schedule. Its easy enough for adult bodybuilders, or even university students to eat six times a day, but for teen bodybuilders, most are in school all day, and in most cases, eating is prohibited in class. How do you get the nutrition you need to grow?

There is a solution. Teen bodybuilders don’t need to starve. There are already three meals in a day, and breakfast is the most important. Eat lots of high protein and high carb products for breakfast. This could include eggs! Eat several egg whites and whole eggs each morning, plus weight gain supplements.

Successful bodybuilding requires several meals during the day, so you will have to mix in two meals in-between the main meals. This mean one at mid-morning, and another at mid-afternoon, and probably another sometime late evening after dinner. The next main meal won’t be till lunch, so you’ll have to eat something during class, which unfortunately, most teachers won’t allow. What you can do is bring a thermos filled with enough liquid meals to ensure you eat every two hours or so. Blend non-fat milk with protein powder, and drink this ‘liquid meal’ in between main meals.

Bodybuilding for Teens – Think Long Term to Prevent Damage

There are certain criteria that beginner and teen bodybuilders need to follow. First, it is crucial for teens to have a well rounded workout. Many people think it is all about how the body shines back in the mirror. They do not realize the time it takes on the treadmill and other programs like Winsor Pilates to tone and shape the body. Many don’t realize that aerobic endurance translates to doing a few more reps in the weight room.


If you are serious about doing teen bodybuilding safely and effectively than take all of the tips very seriously. Do not pick and choose the ones you wish to follow. They will all result in a long and fruitful bodybuilding lifestyle. To your teen bodybuilding success!