Natural Weight Loss Methods Versus Unnatural Weight Loss Methods

When is it the time to stop using natural weight loss methods and start using unnatural ones? This is a question primarily asked by people suffering from obesity, and one that requires a great deal of thought prior.

Obesity in adults is something that can do damage to more than just your self-esteem. As a result of being considerably overweight, much more strain is placed on your joints, particularly at the knee.

Generally, your breathing becomes shallower, having to work harder to draw in the large amounts of oxygen required for simple tasks such as walking across the road or climbing a flight of stairs.

In addition, being obese puts you at an increased risk of diseases such as arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease, to name a few. If you are female, the risk increases yet again with infertility, breast cancer, and endometrium cancer being just a few of the diseases that you might suffer from as a result of being obese.

Obese people tend to have great difficulty sticking to natural weight loss methods as, for the first few weeks ‘ or even months ‘ any weight lost tends not to make a visible difference to their appearance.

Concerning appearance, which is the least important health-wise but the most important to the ego, most obese people have great difficulty locating clothes that fit well, without having to go to a tailor. It becomes tiresome to constantly try clothes on that do not fit well or are tight, and soul-destroying.

Some of the different types of diets that obese people have been recommended ‘ which are those aimed specifically at losing weight very quickly ‘ include ones used on obese patients awaiting surgery.

Such diets consist of mostly of water and vegetables, so reduce the calorie intake significantly without risking dehydration. Other natural weight loss methods include concentrated green tea drops, food combining, and the blood group diet, all of which rely on speeding up your metabolism.

Ultimately, in order to encourage natural weight loss, you need a faster metabolism. To do this, you need to eat little and often, lots of fruit and vegetables, and drink plenty of water.

Should you no longer believe that natural weight loss methods are worthwhile, then the alternative, of unnatural weightloss methods, can be considered. Some of these include diet pills to suppress hunger, the insertion of a gastric balloon, having your stomach stapled, and liposuction, amongst others.

Whilst these may seem like a way to solve the problem of obesity, they do not guarantee you will enjoy a consistent weight loss, unless your eating habits change permanently.

Unfortunately, most people suffering from obesity do not follow natural weightloss methods because they find them too difficult. It is far easier to try to ignore the problem, or eat something sweet or high in fat, and far more expensive to switch entirely to the healthy option of regular fresh fruit and salad daily.

If you feel your weight is becoming a problem and you no longer have control over how much or what you eat, then it is advisable to see a nutritionist or a doctor. Sometimes, excessive eating can be due to an underlying problem and other times, it can simply be from habit.

Invariably, it is important to ascertain the reason behind the obesity before you embark upon any natural weight loss programs.