Natural Ways To Relieve Migraines

“Oh, my head hurts.” This is not just some fake exuse. And, America has over 25,000,000 people who suffer from the pain of migraine headaches. And it’s no laughing matter. But there are natural remedies that can provide both immediate and long standing relief.

Migraine pains can last anywhere between 6 and 48 hours and may totally incapacitate the sufferer. Pain is mostly pulsing and is usually found on just one side of the person’s head.

Although specific causes are unknown, migraines are thought to be the result of inflammation. This inflammation can be caused by tension and the resulting stress, alcohol, chocolate, hormones (particularly when a woman is ovulating or menstruating),food additives like MSG and even presc3ription meds like birth controls pills.

Migraines are generally grouped as either classic or common. About eighty percent fall into the common migraine type category without an aura. These are generally much less painful than the classic type with auras. An aura is a disturbance in a person’s eyes, usually something like flashing lights or seeing spots, shapes or patterns. Auras are sometimes accompanied by nausea and vomiting.

Ocular migraine headaches are often confused with classic migraines. Even though the aura may be close to the same, it only happens in one eye. Also, the following headache is usually less painful Thankfully, the aura does no harm to the eyes and usually doesn’t last a long time. You will find that ocular migraines will impede driving and reading.

People who suffer from migraines may find temporary comfort by lying down in a cool, quiet, dark place or by applying an ice pack or cold compresses to the pulsing area. Most headache sufferers feel better after a 6-12 hour rest.

Once you’re done with the headache, it’s a great time to start a prevention program. You can make changes to your lifestyle that will greatly effect your migraine headaches. Get started by getting rid of outside stresses from your life. This may be difficult in the beginning, but it’s definitely worth it.

What can you do right now? You can get started on a simple fitness program and start eating a healthier diet. Avoid any food that might trigger headache symptoms. These can include caffeinated coffee and other sources of caffeine, chocolate, processed sugar, carbonated drinks, acoholic beverages, white flour and rice and any type of cookies. Since some of these foods are rather addictive, take yourself off them slowly to avoid any discomfort.

You can actually learn to enjoy eating a whole food diet with lots of nutritious vegetables, whole grains, fresh fruit, lean protein and pure water. Finally, be sure to include a clean, pure and potent omega 3 fish oil supplement in your diet to reduce inflammation and eliminate migraine headache pain.

If you take the time to implement these simple lifestyle changes, you’re sure to see a difference in your health. May your future be free of migraines!