Natural Treatment For Eczema

Eczema treatment can be done without the use of medication. In fact, there are natural treatments available and you just have to know what these are.

The first natural remedy is probiotics. This is good bacteria and we have this inside our bodies. It suppresses the growth of bad or harmful bacteria in our system, influences our immune function and strengthens the digestive tract’s protective barrier.

Since there are not enough probiotics inside the digestive tract of infants, nursing mothers are encouraged to breast filled their babies as the milk also contains galacto-oligosaccharides that help probiotics grow in the body especially during the first six months.

Studies have shown that over a two year period, infants that are breast fed have less risk of suffering from eczema later on in life.

Children and adults can also drink probiotics. A good example of this is Yakult which is made from a mixture of skimmed milk powder, sugar and water that is ultra-heat treated and then fermented using a live probiotic strain called Lactobacillus casei Shirota.

You can buy this in the grocery and now, there are two types to choose from namely Yakult Original and Yakult Light. Both contain Lactobacillus casei Shirota in equal amounts, but the Light version has less sugar. So you know which is which, Yakult Original has a red lid while Yakult Light is the one in the blue.

We know that there are creams and ointments available to treat eczema. But did you know that there are products made of natural ingredients? You can find some made from herbal extracts of chamomile, licorice and witch hazel.

But before you try any topical herbal product, check first with your doctor if it is safe for you to use because some herbs like chamomile may cause dermatitis.

Aside from applying the natural product to your skin, you can also take it in orally. There are supplements around that can help treat and prevent eczema. Some examples of these include evening primrose oil with a dose of 500mg. daily, MaxEPA fish oils 1,000 mg. three times a day, Vitamin C and bioflavonoids both 1,000 mg daily, Vitamin A 10,000 I.U. daily and Zinc 50 mg. daily. You should also eat fish at least twice a week.

Taking a bath is also another natural form of eczema treatment. Instead of using soap and water, you will be using oatmeal. All you have to do is put in one or two cups into a tub of lukewarm water. Afterwards, you will need to apply a moisturizer on your damp skin to keep it moist.

If you don’t like the idea of taking a bath in oatmeal, try mixing one-teaspoonful of comfrey root, one-teaspoon of slippery elm bark, one-teaspoon of white bark, and two cups of water together in a bowl. After boiling it for 35 minutes and giving it some time to cool, get a face towel and wash this over the affected skin. It may not remove the itch but it can help decrease the urge to scratch it which is important because scratching could just make things worse.

Eczema treatment can be done naturally, with creams or ointments and medication. The important thing to keep in mind when you choose to use any of these products is that it must work.