Natural Treatment for Acne Problems

Pimples on the face, the neck or the back are specific to Acne. As Acne generally appears during puberty when the physic aspect counts a lot, it can be very disturbing to teenagers and can even offer some risks to those affected by it.

The pimples are forming mostly due to a hormonal unbalance that leads to an excessive sebum secretion and the clogging up of the skin pores. The sebum that accumulates inside the pore can get mixed with the bacteria that are found on the skin and so a big red, painful pustule appears on the skin. Sometimes these pustules can transform into comedons or cysts filled with liquid. These are the most dangerous forms of Acne and must be treated very carefully as they can leave scars on the skin and permanent psychological damage to a teenager.

If Acne is not found in a severe form it can be treated with the help of natural products.
Aromatherapy can be successfully used for resolving pimples. Some of the essential oils like the juniper tree one (be careful not to use it if you are pregnant) and the Lebanese cedar oil (avoid it during the first 20 weeks of pregnancy) help the excessive sebum secretion normalize. Lavender oil and geranium oil have healing and antiseptic properties and the petit-grain and the daisy essential oils are good for reducing inflammation.

This is how you can use the essential oils: add two drops of juniper tree oil and Lebanese cedar oil in a water cup filled only by half with water. With a cotton wool apply on the Acne affected skin areas the solution every two hours. You can combine juniper tree oil with one spoon of jojoba oil and apply the composition on pimples.

If you have Acne on your body you can add a few drops of these essential oils to your non-perfumed body lotion and use the composition before going to bed. In the morning you will see that the inflammations made by pimples on your skin would have reduced.

Besides Aromatherapy you can try fitotherapy. Fitotherapy is about using herbs and plants for healing your body. Here is a special recipe for healing Acne skin. Mix up equal quantities of dandelion roots, bur, nettle, borage and Echinacea and prepare an infusion from all these herbs. Drink up one or two cups a day from this infusion.

Boil 2 or 3 teaspoons of dried sweet basil in a cup of water. Let this infusion get cold and then with cotton wool apply on the skin the solution but only after you have cleaned the skin properly. You must not clean the skin with alcohol lotions; you should use a gentle oil-free cleanser.

If you like using natural products then you can clean you face once a day by bending over steamy water for 5 to 10 minutes. Then dry your face skin and wipe it with rose water or marigold water.

These natural remedies are suitable only for those who do not have severe Acne. For those who natural solutions are not helpful they should go to a dermatologist and request an anti-Acne cream.