Natural Opiates Help With Premenstrual Tension And Period Cramps

Every so often we hear news of a human being achieving a remarkable and thought to be impossible feat. Athletes break records most months of the year and scientists make discoveries which turn our views of the ways of the world upside down and inside out. One moment the world is flat and the next moment we know it to be round.

In actual fact, scientific understanding progresses first by discovering what doesn’t work or what is definitely not the case. We have a clearer understanding of what is definitely not true as opposed to a clear understanding of what is true. And yet, despite this fact, we humans often live our lives as if the things we “know” are definitely and absolutely the truth, and beyond question. We frequently accept what we are told and taught and do not probe and question and prove things for ourselves. In this manner our minds are often closed to new ideas, new suggestions and endless opportunities.

The way in which we deal with our health often accords with this type of thinking. PMS is one of those things which the majority of women tend to feel that they just have to “put up with”. But this is simply not the case. Yes, genetic programming predisposes some women to suffer from premenstrual tension, menstrual pains or period cramps, but this does not mean that there is nothing that you can do about it.

There is a lot which you can do to take control and provide relief from premenstrual tension and period pains…so long as your mind is open to new ideas and new concepts. In point of fact, these ideas aren’t really new; rather they may be new to you. You may even be aware of the fact that some people seem to be able to tap into their reserves of natural opiates, but you just didn’t think that you could do the same, or perhaps didn’t know how to learn to make use of your own natural opiate store.

Scientific research is now proving the efficacy of these natural opiates in providing relief from menstrual pain and tension and menstrual cramps. This should come as no surprise. We all know of the placebo effect which happens all by itself, without expending any effort at all. In drug studies the placebo is seen, on average, to affect 35% of participants; that’s a lot of people to be affected without trying to do anything at all. Just imagine what you could achieve if you really tried!

Similarly we have all heard of operations or dentistry being performed using no chemical anesthesia, just employing hypnotic suggestion instead. We are all aware that our ancestors must have used natural remedies to cope with pain. When you think about it, the advent of modern medicine and wondrous new drugs has allowed (perhaps encouraged is a better word) us to rely upon their availability and use, and to lose touch with our natural abilities to cope with pain and distress.

But we do still have this natural store of opiates and you can learn to put them to good use in relieving premenstrual tension, relaxing your muscles, dulling your perception of menstrual cramps and menstrual pain. You have a natural ability to do this; the only thing you need to do is to learn how to tap into your own natural opiate store.

Roseanna Leaton, specialist in hypnosis mp3 downloads designed to help provide relief from PMS, premenstrual tension, period pains and period cramps.