Natural Look Wearing Make Up

Mineral makeup look natural makeup for a healthier skin. Mineral makeup is made of pure natural micronized pigments with freeze-dried vitamins A,D & E. It is free of any oil, binders, talc and chemicals that can irritate sensitive skin. Mineral makeup contains only pure mineral pigments in concentrated form. Mineral makeup’s purity means that it works well with most skin types and you will find that it adds a day-long youthful sheen to your skin. Natural mineral makeup and natural powder blush is kind to your skin. Mineral cosmetics have their basis in ground-up minerals, including various metal ores and iron oxide. Mineral makeup can be applied quickly and easily with a brush or sponge.

Modern mineral makeup represents a major advance not only in cosmetics but also in skincare and your overall well-being. Mineral foundation powders also contain zinc oxide and titanium dioxide that act as a reflective coating which blocks the harmful effects of the sun. Since synthetic dyes, perfumes and preservatives are avoided in the composition of mineral makeup, there is little risk of skin sensitivity to the ingredients, resulting in a considerably reduced risk of longer-term allergic reactions. Essential oils are used in many natural skin care products. Rose oil is used to hydrate dry skin . Lavender has a soothing affect. Oily skin can benefit from rosemary, lemon and cedar oils. Natural skin care products use oil free moisturizing ingredients such as glycerin.

Humectants are used to draw moisture into the skin and rehydrate dry skin. The benefits to the skin outweigh the added expense. Using cosmetics made with heavy oils and synthetic ingredients can undo the positive effects of your natural skin care regimen. Grapefruit seed, rosemary extracts and aloe help heal blemishes and soothe the skin. Use the best products your budget will allow to bring out the best in your skin. Moisturizers help balance pH, and protect against the harmful UVA and UVB sun rays. Moisturizers is also made a natural look Active Moisturizer is formulated to treat oily to problem skin. It helps restore skin’s moisture and keeps it feeling comfortable all day. Hydrating Moisturizer is formulated to help keep the skin feeling comfortable all day