Natural Home Remedies for Ring Worm Cure

Ringworm means the fungus infection that affects the scalp, body, feet and the nails. In ringworm a red ring appears on the infected person’s skin and cause itching. It is contagious and may spread with direct or with indirect contact. Ringworm is caused due to several different fungus organisms that belong to a group called Dermatophytes, derma means skin and phytes means organisms.

Causes of Ringworm

Ringworm can be passed from one person to the other by direct skin-to-skin contact or by contact with contaminated articles such as unwashed clothing, and shower or pool surfaces. Pets like dogs and cats that carry fungus can cause ringworm. The other causes of ringworm are prolonged wetness of the skin and the minor injuries of the skin and nails.

Signs and symptoms of ringworm include:

* A circle of rash on your skin that’s red and inflamed around the edge and healthy looking in the middle
* Slightly raised expanding rings of red, scaly skin on your trunk or face
* A round, flat patch of itchy skin

Home Remedies for Ringworm

* One of the most effective home remedy for ringworm is the use of mustard seeds. A paste made from the seed can be applied over the affected areas.
* The use of raw papaya has been proved beneficial in the treatment of ringworm. A few slices of the unripe fruits can be rubbed on the patches twice in a day.
* A paste made of dry seeds of papaya can be applied on the patches.
* The use of castor oil is good for the scalp ringworm treatment. The oil should be rubbed on the affected areas of the hair regularly.
* Raw vegetables juices, especially carrot juice in combination with spinach juice has been proved beneficial in the ringworm treatment.
* Coconut oil can be applied to the affected areas as it will keep the skin soft and prevent itching of skin.
* A light mudpack applied over the areas of the ringworm is helpful. The pack should be applied for half an hour twice in a day.
* Tea, coffee, condiments, highly flavoured dishes, sugar, white flour products, denatured cereals and tinned or bottled foods should not be taken.

Can I Prevent Ringworm?

The most common sources of the fungi that cause tinea infections are other people. Ringworm is contagious and is easily spread from one person to another, so avoid touching an infected area on another person. It’s also possible to become infected from contact with animals, like cats and dogs.