Natural Home Remedies for Hangovers

It refers to the uneasiness which is experienced by average drinker. More than 75 percent of people who consume alcohol tend to suffer from hangover at one or other time. The various outcomes of hangover are an upset stomach, a headache, a bad taste in mouth. Alcoholism has a number of negative consequences like a depressed mood, lack of interest in doing things or work and also memory lapse.

Causes of Hangover

* Lack of sleep
* Drinking when the stomach is empty
* Drinking more in less time
* Dehydration in body
* Poor health

Home Remedies for Hangover

* Vitamin C increases the breakdown of alcohol in the body. Citrus fruits juices in good amounts should be consumed in morning.
* Drinking good amount of water in the morning is considered very effective as it drains the alcohol from the body.
* Honey is very beneficial in breaking down the alcohol as it contains fructose.
* Intake of vitamin B complex capsules can decreases the duration of hangovers.
* A cold pack applied on the forehead give immediate relief from headache.
* Taking a hot bath in the morning will drain away the toxins that are causing problems in the body system.
* Drinking chocolate milk before going to bed is beneficial.
* Eating banana in the morning is beneficial.

Hangover Prevention:

* Before going out for drinks make sure your stomach is not empty. Starchy foods are better as they slow down the alcohol absorption.
* Its always better to drink slowly because less amount of alcohol reaches the brain when it consumed.
* Alcohol makes the body dehydrates, so it is advisable before going to bed drink plenty of water.
*Dark or colored alcohols have small quantities of other toxic substances or congeners that are created during the fermentation process. Congeners are implicated in the causation of hangovers. These congeners include methyl alcohol, aldehydes, histamine, tannins, iron, lead and cobalt.
*The water thing. Dehydration is a big part of hang-overs. Combat it while you are drinking. Intersperse the measily ration of drinks a woman has, with water-based drinks. Try to avoid ones with caffeine and acids. Carbonation? Depends on how easily upset the woman’s stomach gets. If she has a weak stomach, skips the bubbles. Get some more sugar in here too.