Natural Home Remedies for Dry skin Treatment

Dry skin refers to the situation when less oil is produced by oil glands. It is the main problem during winters when humidity is very less. The areas most affected are the thighs, lower arms, chest, cheeks and the area around the eyes. It makes the skin tight after wash and also causes scaliness and cracks on the skin. It is the common condition that effects almost every one.

Causes of Dry Skin

* Environmental factors like less humidity, cold, use of excessive make-up, sun exposure, and pollution.
* Nutrient deficiencies – deficiency of vitamin E, A and B may cause dry skin.
* Skin problems like eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis.
* Less supply of oil by oil glands to the skin.

Home Remedies of Dry Skin

* Massage the face with almond oil or olive oil every night before going to bed. The oils can be used to massage the other parts of the body.
* The best cleaning method for dry skin is soaking the face in lukewarm water for 10-15 minutes. It is better to avoid warm water to clean the face especially in winters.
* Mash a ripe banana and apply it on the face and neck. Leave it for sometime and then wash the face with lukewarm water.
* Massaging the skin with grapeseed oil is the best and very effective method for dry skin.
* In severe cases of dry skin castor oil or avocado oil is very beneficial.
* Alcohol and caffeine should not be taken.
* After bathing applying Aloe Vera gel is effective.
* Fruits and vegetables that are rich in vitamin A and B should be taken.
* For washing the face itÂ’s better to use mineral water instead of the tap water.
* Before bathing add 5-6 drops of oat extract or lavender oil to the bathtub.
* Milk bath once in a month is also effective.
* Make a mixture of cooked oatmeal along with honey for moisturizing and cleaning the face.