Natural FleaTreatments for Dogs

If you are anything like me you might have nearly killed your dog when you used one of those popular flea control products on him.

Well, you are not alone. My dog nearly died from pesticide poisoning and this led me to search for a natural alternative to help prevent my dog from getting fleas.

Most people wonder why flea control products would cause more harm than good for our dogs. The point is- it is not the fault of these flea control product owners. They meant good, but are going about it wrongly.

What happens is this…

As fleas become more resistant to the older flea control products, the newer pesticide manufacturers make their flea control products stronger to deal with the fleas. And the stronger they make them, the more dangerous and poisonous they become… not only to the fleas… but sadly also to our dogs.

So, at the end of the day, while trying to keep up with the resistant nature of the fleas, the flea control products cause more harm than good.

Still waiting for how I solved my dog’s flea problems naturally without use of these dangerous and poisonous flea control products?

Here it goes…

Since these blood sucking fleas spend more time off your dog’s body than on it (they mostly hop on your dog’s body when they want to suck blood), you should focus first on killing them where they are bred and where they spend most of their time.

To do this, treat your home constantly with thorough vacuuming– especially the areas where your dog stays. Pay specific attention to certain dark and damp places because these are the places where the bloodsucking vampire fleas lay their eggs.

After thoroughly vacuuming these places each time, ensure that you don’t leave the cleaner bag in the closet– as it could contain lots of the baby fleas or flea eggs. Instead, empty the bag and ensure that you burn the contents.

Doing this on a constant basis will go a long way in reducing your home of the fleas.

Closely related to vacuum cleaning, ensure that you thoroughly wash your dog’s bedding in hot water or tumbling the bedding in hot dryer– this will kill all the fleas therein and prevent them from spending time on your dog’s body.

And if you must buy flea control products, look out for those that are specifically ‘natural flea control products’. There are many out there that are completely non-toxic, chemical-free and most importantly– odorless.

Many flea control products’ manufacturers have got wiser and have come up with natural solutions that still work.

Ask around for the best ones that work before going ahead to spend your money on any.

Some of these natural non-toxic flea control products contain Neem Oil, Lemongrass, Citronella, Catnip and certain other essential oils which help to repel fleas, ticks and other insects from making your dog’s live miserable.

Also, there is a new way of naturally preventing fleas from getting and staying on your dog’s body.

This is by adding garlic and other brewer’s yeast to your dog’s diet. It has proven that when these garlic and brewer’s yeast substances are metabolized in your dog’s body, it brings about an odor in the skin that fleas find very irritating.

Now… who says you can’t fight and win the battle against these bloodsucking fleas naturally?

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