Natural Ear Infection Treatments for Dogs

I know what your problem is right now.

Believe me, I do. Your dog has ear infections and you have been spending a lot of your scarce cash in treating it, right?

Well, there is no cause for alarm. You should exploit the alternative solution that many people like you are taking.

There are now very powerful and highly effective natural ways to help prevent or even cure dog ear infections.

Most of these ways are not only time effective but also cost effective…when compared to taking the dog to a professional veterinary doctor whose fees you may not be able to afford.

Your lovely dog has an incredible sense of hearing that could be could be hampered with ear infections. Ear infections are very detrimental to the hearing capability of your lovely dog.

The major damage is inflicted on the ear drum which is very vital to the hearing system of your dog. And do you know that the way the ear of your dog is created is what’s responsible for the ear infections plaguing him or her?

Your dog’s ear canal is L-shaped, thereby allowing the ear to trap parasites, moisture, debris, and earwax. All these can lead to ear infections in your dog.

Hence, it is required that you spend a great deal of time blocking al these from getting into the ear drum of your lovely dog.

The traditional method of dealing with ear infections known to many people out there is antibiotics, antifungal and other similar drugs.

But the problem with all these drugs is that they hamper the normal chemistry in the ear and can turn a simple ear problem to a large ear infection that can make your dog deaf if not quickly addressed.

It is quite ideal that you deal with the source of the problem than having to complicate the problem with drugs that will not work in your dog’s body favour.

So, check to know what caused the problem of the ear infection in the first place. Sadly, many people are not even aware that their dog has ear infection.

If you are one of such people, below are simply ways to know when and if your dog is having an ear infection.

– When your lovely dog is only nodding in response to your conversation. You can quickly detect an ear infection if your dog holds his or her head in one position, trying to get what you are saying.

– When your dog scratches his or her ears, most of the time.

– When there is a black or yellow discharge in one or both ears, it is a sign that your dog, if not quickly cured will become deaf.

– When your dog’s ears smells bad.

Also, apart from ways of preventing ear infections, below is one other very powerful way of not only preventing it but also treating ear infection in your dog:

– The use of Vitamin C: You can give your lovely dog vitamin C. vitamin C will help the adrenal glands in your dogs to function efficiently. However, you must look at the weight of the dog before giving him or her vitamin C.

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