Napoleon Hill’s Philosophy For Nurses

The Great Depression laid the foundation for the classic: Think and Grow Rich, which still is wildly popular today.

The following 13 principles are now seventy years old this year:

1) Desire

2) Faith

3) Auto-suggestion

4) Specialized Knowledge

5) Imagination

6) Organized Planning

7) Decision

8) Persistence

9) The Master Mind

10) The Mystery of Sex Transmutation

11) The Subconscious Mind

12) The Brain

13) The Sixth Sense

…….and Outwit your Fears

We don’t usually equate Nurses with the Napoleon Hill philosophy. Yet by applying these Success Principles, we can become much better nurses.

The Napoleon Hill philosophy has received many modern day re-evaluations.

Much has been added to it in the last forty years, since the human potential movement began in the 1960’s.

Most recently, “The Secret”, “Millionaire: Awaken Your Secret” and “What The Bleep Do We Know” has added to the enormity of the subject.

The Law of Attraction. although controversial after the rise in popularity of “The Secret,” certainly was hinted at time and time again in Napoleon Hill’s original work.

Are business people closet manifestors? Business people believe universally that a goal must be focused on day after day at all costs.

Yet Divine Purpose is often missing in normal business activities.

But when we connect to divinity, we become more efficient manifestors. At the same time, in the process of alligning to a higher power, the physical body opens to the flow of this faster, higher frequency.

The area between the throat and lower stomach is where a person can learn to feel and heed the the messages of his or her body.

For instance, if you are in tune with your purpose here on Planet Earth, you will feel an opening up, a sense of joy. If you feel constriction in this area of the body, you are out of allignment.

Imbalance results when prolonged constriction of the body is allowed to continue.

This area between your throat and lower stomach is where you listen and feel your internal guidance system.

You may have a Big Vision for your life. But the little desires along the way, such as the impulse to call someone, to write a letter or an email, to write an article, to compose or play a song, are steps along the way leading to the Big Vision of your life.

You (your ego) may think you know what you want, but Your Divinity may have different plans.

Listen to your body, your internal guidance system. Stay with the desires that speak to the feeling of an opening up within your body.

Stay with what you want in each moment, whether it’s to experience more patience, compassion or more joy.

Follow through with all guiding impulses that heal and sooth the soul.

As you experience many small successes, celebrate each of these. You may have hundreds of small successes in any given day.

In order to realize the Big Goal, follow through with the small desires, keeping track of the synchronicities that arise from these.

In the end, it’s not about achieving your goals, it’s about experiencing the emotion of completion, love and satisfaction that arise from the everyday joys.

The journey, not the destination is where truth is found.

Enjoy the life you are living. Experience every sensation. Take the opportunity to feel, sense, taste, hear and see.

Your only job is to stay open from moment to moment.

The Big Dream may take years to manifest, but because you are having so much fun along the way, time becomes inconsequential.

Happiness in the Now is the one great achievement.

Grasping for a goal lays the foundation for fear, doubt and lack. Write down the goal and visualize it but release the worry, want and fear.

Be happy now in order to facilitate your fondest dream.

Be your own personal joy.

The joy of living will lead you to the next desire. Ask Divinity, the Angels and the Higher Guides to help you whenever you feel constriction in your body.

Live your life purpose NOW.

This is the life you were meant to live.