nanny jobs

A nanny is someone who is employed by a family either on a live-in or live-out basis, who is essentially responsible for taking care of the children and their needs. It is generally observed that women excel in the role of a nanny as they are very patient, kind and have an eye for detail.

The duties of a nanny typically focus on child care and household chores or tasks related to the children. A nanny may have had formal training to execute these tasks efficiently. It can be a lucrative career option as there is a great demand for nannies in nanny jobs section on any online site, child care professionals and housekeepers as there are a large number of families where both partners have busy careers and could do with some much-needed help with their children.

Is She A Good Nanny?

Working as a nanny in a household needs a lot of time and investment as any regular job. In fact, a nanny plays an important role in the psychological development of a child and her contribution is very significant showing positive results in the form of well-rounded individuals with a sense of well-being, security and family bonding.

Parents ideally look for various traits in a good nanny before advertising for nanny jobs that can be summarized as follows:

1. Lively interaction with the kids: Apart from your regular duties as a nanny, try to interact with the kids with genuine warmth, care and patience. You will start enjoying the company of children and look forward to “work‿, in your job, you go to another home.

2. Stays connected: Take an effort to inform and educate the parents about the development in their child. You could prepare notes or daily reports on the activities of the child. Parents are understandably delighted to know about the progress in their kids.
3. Cleanliness: Always ensure that the home, especially the kid’s rooms are always neat and tidy. Cleanliness maintained in any form or medium is always highly appreciated. The children will follow suit by staying clean which is nurtured by the nanny’s clean habits.

4. Attention-to-detail: Ensure that you work in an organized manner. Make sure that you keep a close eye on the kids especially when you are outdoors. For example, hold the child’s hand while crossing the road and keep a check on the child’s security

Ideal Career Options

Good nannies are hard to find and has become extremely beneficial monetarily. In recent times, nannies charge about $12-$15 per hour. Some households find it easier to pay nannies on a monthly basis rather than hourly rates.

Typically, all households bear the expenses of travel, short vacations and major holidays. Nannies are also eligible for a raise as time passes by and based on how well she fits into the family needs and the children’s needs.

Women make excellent nannies as they have the inherent maternal instinct in them. They are naturally good with children and enjoy the company of kids. Hence, adopting a career of being a nanny is not only highly remunerative, but also enjoyable. Being a nanny in a household brings you closer to a warm and loving family and provides you the satisfaction of contributing in a small way to the good health and well being of the family.

With all this information, you know what to look for in a good nanny in nanny jobs section on online nursery jobs website.