Name your Brick Wall…then ask for Dynamite!

Name your Brick Wall and then Ask for Dynamite

I wanted to earn my Life Coaching Certification. It was important to me to learn about how to help others achieve their life goals, while at the same time achieving my life goals. This certification was my ‘ticket’ to achieving the life of my dreams. The tuition was more than I could comfortable afford. And alas, that was my brick wall. This brick wall was real, it was tall and it looked like a mountain. It was seemingly insurmountable with all the financial obligations I had; I asked myself how in heaven could this goal be accomplished?

This asking led my mind to exploring the vast abundance of the universe. A universe that is all, has all, and creates all….all ways to accomplish our desires. I followed the “seeing is believe” by creating a diploma with my name, the name of the institution, and a title that read, Valarie Johnson, Certified Life Coach.

What are you willing to ask for? The songwriter wrote ‘I get by with a little help from my friends’…And let’s change the traditional definition of friends, let’s broaden the definition to include the Universe. Say it with me, The Universe is my friend and I can ask my friend to remove the brick walls that separate me from my dreams. If you believe in what your friends can do, you will begin to see the way presenting itself.

Ask my friends, have the courage to ask and ask and ask until your request is met. Abraham Hicks stated “if the Universe has given you the desire to manifest something in your life, then the Universe has the wherewithal to bring the desire to fruition”. There’s power and hope in asking.

If you begin now to document your goals, dreams and vision, you can also begin now to name your brick walls. For my, the brick wall was tuition. I didn’t have enough money to cover the tuition. After naming my brick wall, I investigated my finances to see what I could pay. I affirmed my desire was real, my brick wall was real and my God (Universe) was able to create a way to make this come to fruition. Next, I asked. I asked the school how I could be a part of the next class and pay ____ amount on a monthly basis. The individual who I spoke with remarked on my passion, my intention and my commitment. The deal was accepted and 6 months later I became a Certified Life Coach.

The key points are to get clear on what you desire to manifest. You might begin by asking, If money we no object, and I had all the time and resources needed to accomplish my desires, what desires would I accomplish ? Allow your mind to flow without ceasing. Write these desires and keep writing until you’ve identified each one.

Next, review your brick walls. One way is to ask yourself, “What’s stopping me from accomplishing ____________?” You may consider asking yourself that question several times for each desire. More than likely you’ll probably see a pattern of the same reasons for not achieving your goals.

Finally, ask for dynamite. After you are crystal clear on what you desire, and you know your brick wall, ask for dynamite. Ask for favor. Ask for blessings. Ask for free. Ask for exchanges. Ask for the way, and expect that the same force that gave you the desire will also provide the way. Take action like you know It is Achievable.