Naked Truth And Insights Into The ABL Asset Credit Line Facility . Canadian Business Financing Unexpected!

Stripped down. An ABL facility asset credit line for your business financing needs just might be the most basic, yet perfect Canadian business financing vehicle your company needs. Oh, and by the way, that’s if you are a start up, in the SME sector, or one of Canada’s largest corporations, because those three are already using this type of asset based business line of credit.

The ongoing debate of whether business credit financing in Canada is still tight rages on. One could make the case that the patient, i.e. the economy and business credit is still sick. So is there a patient cure?

Naturally it goes without saying that Canada, despite the complaints of the Canadian business owner and financial manager, is probably in better shape than many other countries.

The weaker economy h as one advantage, and that’s that many of your competitors are still struggling, downsizing, or just plain in trouble. We always never forget to mention that the asset based ABL facility is also a great strategy to purchase one of those competitors, as is makes optimum use of asset leverage.

So can you properly fund your company via the use of abl funding at a time when traditional access to funding is still perceived as having dried up? You can via asset based lines of credit, even if you don’t qualify for the higher credit quality that is required by banks and insurance companies. So let’s strip down and examine some of those naked truths

And by the way, why exactly have asset based lines of credit in fact grown so much in popularity in Canada. We would say the best answer to that is that in the past there was either the Canadian chartered bank solution, which had great rates, or no solution at all. The ABL facility was generally not heard of or not available in years gone by – and that has changed. That’s a bit strange because over half, yes half of all asset credit line activity in the U.S. is via ABL.

So why the move to ABL ?It is simply that if your firm has fluctuating, or even negative profits you still have huge borrowing power via this method of financing .

Yes of course those same assets are being margined, just as your bank would have, but there are too major differences, we can call them the core of our ‘ naked truth ‘. First of all your borrowing levels are raised significantly because your assets are margined at a higher rate , and the inventory component of margining is very aggressive, where in some case a bank facility might not even address that asset at all, or at lease only nominally .

And your new business line of credit, via ABL in fact can include the appraised values of equipment and real estate, thereby increasing revolving credit borrowing power.

And what about that 2nd naked difference or truth? It’s a key point, in that the focus on ABL approval is not cash flow coverage and covenants, its only assets, which has great appeal to Canadian borrowers, especially those that struggle to meet those cash flow covenants.

Quite often we see tremendous flexibility in the size of such a facility, because in many cases business has peaks and valleys and bulges in financing requirements.

Do you work harder to maintain or get such a facility? Our naked truth… yes. The one aspect of this method of financing is that you’ll find yourself reporting on your assets more often than you would in a bank environment.

Thats some of the naked truth in this asset credit line .It’s a part of the new reality of Canadian business financing that you should take a serious look at, especially if things are not working well now . Speak to a trusted, credible and experienced Canadian business financing advisor for the stripped down truth on the ABL advantage.