Mystery Shopping

Mystery Shopping

Video mystery shopping
This is a rather new prospect for company’s to view the level of customer service in there local stores, it gives the company the customer view and shows where the shop is lagging. This allows better knowledge to look at the staff and management issues.

The Tick The Box Program
This is one of the oldest programs to go by and not many people like to stand around going though this kind of customer survey. Most of the retail outlets deny the findings of the tick the box report from a mystery shopper. But with today’s technology you can provide hard evidence to the co-operation of any firm that what your report is telling them is totally true.

This is now a worldwide industry that is growing all the time. There is an estimated five hundred mystery shopping company’s in the United States at this time and the results they give are exceptional.

The Names For Mystery Shopping
Secret shopping, Anonymous customers, Trained consumers, Service investigations, these are some of the more known names to shoppers around. Some of the less known are as shown, Performance evaluations, Quality auditing, Service monitoring, and one not so common to the public is called Service checks and frontline evaluations. They mean the same thing at the end of the day but can be used to report on different things.

Why Customers Leave
69 % of customers will leave a store for the reason poor service, 13% will leave for the reason of products being not satisfactory, 9% will leave for the reason of a competitive offer, 5% will leave for other reasons, and 3% will leave for the reason they are moving away, and lastly 1% will leave due to passing away.

Difference From Other Research
Mystery Shopping is considered a lot different to other marketing methods of research, as it involves and requires more involvement with the operations and training departments, than the advertising departments or marketing departments of clients, It is more to do with labour intensive. And it’s both qualitative and also quantitative. It is a research by observation methods.

Things To Think Of When Choosing A Mystery Shopping Service Provider. You should look for a company that can give you assistance in developing a custom report. That will be based on specific client objectives and show your employee training guidelines, has a large workforce of shoppers to meet your company needs, can show that they can qualify and train there shoppers to perform specific evaluations that you request, and provide you a fast turnaround on there evaluations and summary reports, they should have experience with or knowledge of your industry.

There are many shopping companies that specialize in particular industries for you to be aware off they should have a good reputation with their clients and shoppers.

They should not charge a fee for shoppers to apply. And they should guarantee the quality of their service is good, and show a willingness to provide a re-shop or credit for any suspect shops.