Mystery Shopping What To Look Out For

Mystery Shopping What to Look Out For

The only mystery about mystery shopping is which companies are legitimate and which are down right scammers. Taking cash from the very people that are trying hard to find a job to help their financial situation, so here we will try to discover what sort of scams are out there and how to know before parting with your cash that they are scammers.

Never ever pay to be a mystery shopper, some companies charge a one off fee for the information they provide, and you suddenly discover they have given you nothing at all. Anyone can start up a mystery shopping company and after scamming as much as possible and through complaints they get shut down. Only to re-open under another name and a new scam.

Scammers prey on those that are so desperate to work that they throw caution to the wind in pursuit of that elusive home job. The truth of the matter is you should never pay anyone to become a secret shopper, the genuine companies would not ask in the first place but they would have a procedure to follow before allowing you to work under their umbrella as it were

Even if you are promised a money back guarantee, there is none when you try to get a refund their customer services take away your fear and induce you to follow some other scam, that is if you can get hold of anyone in the first place.

Beware of the new scams that have incorporated the secret shopper, these are reshipper.

This scam is where you receive a cashier’s check and you have to cash it at your bank or a nominated bank within two days or not get paid. The thought of losing your money makes you rush to cash the cheque, then you are told to send the remaining funds after fees for transfer etc to a nominated address, all is great you have taken your small fee the money has been wired off what could be easier you ask yourself. Until that is a few days down the line you are informed that the check you paid in was a fake and your left to stump up the charges associated with a check that bounce so hard you felt it go.

Avoid the scammers.
All you have to remember is that we can all place an ad in newspapers or online it does not make them trustworthy. Don’t be fooled by a really good professional name some scammers use the name to throw you off the track, never buy items with your own cash though some companies will give you a refund on presentation of a receipt the scammers work on the premise that everyone knows that and therefore you would not question them but don’t throw your money away till you are sure the company is safe, secure and legit.

If you have any queries about a prospective job always check the company out carefully and be as sure of who they are what they provide and how to go about the job as you can.