Mystery Shopping Scams

Mystery Shopping Scams

The Scam Pitch

There are quit a few about now days and it is getting hard to determine what one’s are the right ones. The most recent and to my knowledge the most severe is a Canadian scam that is all over the place, they have advertising on message boards and the internet with a mass of site address advertising reputable company’s offering a great service shop till you drop and get paid for it. You get to keep what you buy and get reimbursed for your purchases afterwards do a great job and make easy money.

What They Ask Of You

Most of the time they ask you to pay a fee usually it has been reduced just to hook you in. I.e. was $65.99 now for a short time only get your years membership for the small price of $33.95 as a new and valued customer we will give you this free ebook worth $9.99 free of charge. You get a few bonuses how to become a good mystery shopper, a list of sites that will give you work and so on but you would be lucky to get any work if they even work at all.

Their Next Step

After you have forked out for all the junk they send you an information pack with some good news you have been chosen to undertake an assignment and go under cover, wow your first job the money you spent is worth it. You have a package inside is your assignment you have a cashiers check with a letter you can earn $250 if you accept this assignment. Well its money in the bag.

The Scam

You have your job a check for $2800 you have to do a report on how you was treated while you cashed it, was you kept waiting long did you think there could be any room for improvement, the general idea that mystery shopping is all about. Next you have to go and send a moneygram or Weston union to a person in Canada minus your $250 and that’s it you’re done.

The Aftermath

Well now your laughing all the way to the shops u got your money for a ten minute job and what a easy job it was all you have to do now is sit back and wait for the next job to pop though the letter box, what you did not know is in a few days you will get a very nasty surprise what you got was your $250 but now you owe money and not just a little, to be exact you owe $2800 for the bounced cashers check you deposited That is the scam although the checks look real and they do have correct bankroll numbers on them they are not.

What To Look For

At the end of the day there are no quick money making jobs that you can do online at home if there were no one would go to do a nine to five job. If it says you have to pay to join, it is best left alone you should not have to pay to apply for a job do not pay for information as you will most lightly be getting information that any one can pick up on the net free of charge.