Mystery Shopping Application Form

Application to Become a Mystery Shopper

The application will consists of two parts:
You must be able read the provided short description about mystery shopping and answer a few brief multiple-choice questions. After you pass the test, you will have to provide information about yourself; i.e. your name, address, date of birth, etc.

You as a shopper must be able to read, follow the desired directions and fill out all of the forms correctly. In order to demonstrate that you posses the potential ability to be a shopper, please read the following and answer the questions below.

Aspects Of Mystery Shopping

A good mystery shopper will always be anonymous. As a mystery shopper you will be able to visit the same location a number of times and not be detected by the staff.

Mystery shoppers do not use forms on the site and do not take any notes when they are visible during the shopping time.

A mystery shopper who cannot reliably complete assignments is no good to The Company and will quickly be excluded from the shopper pool. We understand that sometimes a situation appears that prevents a shopper from completing the assignment that they have agreed to take on.
A reliable shopper should contact us straight away to inform us of the situation.
A reliable shopper will submit their reports within the deadline given after completing the shop in question.

All forms must be compiled in detail.
No areas can be left blank questions should not be overlooked. Your written observations should agree with the way you scored the questions.
If they have to contact you to ask for any missing information or to clarify what you submitted, your payment might be reduced and the outcome could end with you losing your position.

Once you submit your shopping report it will be reviewed by one of the editors, who check it for complete detail and accuracy this is to be certain that it is to the high standard of the Secret Shopper You must be contactable to the editor during the day and be available to go though your report, if it is necessary.

They send checks as payment on the 20th of the month providing that you successfully complete the shop. As an example, shops that are completed in May would be paid on the 20th of June.

You must be 18 or over to shop. You will not shop at a store or company where any relatives or friends work.

Things to remember
You should read all the terms and conditions when applying for any type of work and make sure you can agree with what is expected of you be sure to look around to see if there is any better offers and be sure to check that the company you are applying to is above board and compliant with the law.
Do make sure that you are careful when it comes to this sort of opportunity other wise you could end up with a big eye opener that you really would not like.