Mystery Shoppers Why Are They Around

Mystery Shoppers: Why Are They Around?

It would seem to me that there was a time before criminals. And then I remember my history lessons. Richard Nixon was the president of the United States and he made mockery from Watergate; Billy the Kid was a total robber in the old West; heck, Christopher Columbus stole the continent I call home for some trinkets and beads! America is a country, then, brought up on thievery; I guess it’s appropriate that we (control freaks that we are) be the ones to try and stop it.

24 hour surveillance, security guards watching property, police watching security guards, cameras rolling all the while, it would seem that security is an addiction we like to lull ourselves into believing in, but at the same time is a thing we all know we’re not.

Someone got shot on our block, dead. Why? To steal his watch and the nine dollars in his wallet. What? Kid walking home from school, gets abducted; he’s found 96 hours later with another kid, who’s been gone FOUR YEARS. This whole myth that everyone’s safe, tra la la needs to stop. But still, legend perpetuates myth, so we go and hire secret shoppers as though their presence will not only keep our employees honest, but also stop thievery, increase revenue, and make your store a better place.
Oh well, tra la la.

Mystery shoppers’ derivation goes way back. Mystery shopping first ploughed their trade in the 1940s as a mechanism to measure employee honesty and integrity. As if people in America weren’t honest in the 40’s! I don’t believe it! People left their doors unlocked; no one went out after 7PM; paper delivered at seven, milk by nine, mail before 11AM; that is certainly my perception of the myth of America. It began with this myth; the legend has followed it since.

Mystery shopping has evolved through the years. What once began as maybe just a simple questionnaire has jumped the gulch of time to include things like audio and video recordings.

The Internet has since provided an even further pawn for the medium to perpetuate its own legend. People can post, download, create, and control whatever they want in a medium for shopping online. Mystery shopping online makes it even easier for the person who doesn’t like to work to; well, not work.
Many mystery shopping companies are fully operational via the Internet. This allows potential mystery shoppers to register for participation, find mystery shopping jobs and receive payment, all without getting out of their pajamas while the rest of the world grumbles and continues on towards Mecca.

Maybe you could consider my tone a little cynical. It is. But maybe mystery shoppers are on to something. Maybe the answer to the riddle of working isn’t to JOIN the masses slouching towards Gomorrah. Maybe the answer is to oppose it! Yes, become the police state of the Internet mind. Maybe that is where the future is!

For all I know, those mystery shoppers have exactly the right idea.