Mystery Shopper How Do They Get Hired

Mystery Shoppers: How Do They Get Hired?

There is actually an entire subculture of people who don’t work at “real jobs.” There is a reason the average income for the American individual, the ‘poverty line’ in $9800. There is de facto proof that many, many people in this world either are unable to locate or choose not to accept work as they were not cut out for work. Real working life doesn’t suit them half as well as standing guard at the front desk of an empty hotel or falling asleep in a booth at the 24 hour diner or writing copy for websites on arcane subjects like mystery shoppers.

But mystery shoppers are another breed. They are a little bit freak dogs, a little bit pedigree. They seem to be groomed in a vault or stored in a vat, only being called forth at exactly the right time to power shop the new TJ Max on it’s opening Saturday morning.

We wonder though, how do they get hired? Where are these magical applications? How can I become one of them? Is there any way I can join the elite who smash the business models of the same institutions which rejected me?

Well, I’ll give you the easy answer, you can’t. Just like the waiting lists for government assisted housing at these Manhattan high rise developments, they’ve been infested and now they’re just going to sit and die there. Much the same for the mystery shopper scenario. It would seem that even if you dropped your name in the hat you’d hopefully have moved on with your life by the time your name came around.

But if you’re really still excited about it or feel like you have a chance of joining this Mafioso club, you can start with the Internet. That is, where it seems, most of the hiring is being done these days. Spread the word, though, you DO NOT INCREASE YOUR CHANCES OF BEING HIRED AS A MYSTERY SHOPPER BECAUSE YOU’VE PAID SOMEONE. That doesn’t mean anything. And they are probably crooks. And you should report them.

However one thing you can do to up your ante is make friends with some of the people either A) already doing it or B) who are over at corporate wherever doing the hiring. And get your name on those lists. You’ll never know who may call you.

But a few things: 1) NEVER pay anyone to do this job. It’s not legal and 2) this job doesn’t pay all that much anyway. It’s not a full time career. It won’t support the kids and mortgage and it won’t put food on the table. It’s not very regular; it seems either, as they probably aren’t sending out secret shoppers in the middle of the slow season when they have to cut hours anyway.

But if you’re a concerned citizen and you feel a calling towards this, secret shopper could be like a weekend gig or something to do in retirement. But get your name on that list now! and your daughters. You know what they say, “Like mother, like daughter.”