MySpace, Soon to be only Dead Space

They were one of the first sites of their kind and they were great for their time but because of their pigheaded management your local cemetery will have more action than the fate of MySpace. They are constantly doing updates to their site and I know that for a period of about 2 weeks I couldn’t even log into my profile. Then all of a sudden, bam, I was able to log in again. According to recent statistics MySpace is losing about 30% of their registered users a day and these people are joining sites like Facebook.

Facebook has some great improvements already implemented like the fact that all bots for Facebook have to be on Facebook and not operating elsewhere. Frivolous marketers are not just able to create unlimited accounts which means that any marketing on Facebook will be ethical marketing and not blatant SPAM like that which is on MySpace.

With Facebook I have never had problems logging in like what you get from the site MySpace when they are supposedly making site wide updates. On MySpace I am constantly getting bombarded with friend request from young women who supposedly specialized in entertaining men like myself. Just what exactly are they talking about, I wonder? This is a constant problem with sites that use these algorithms as there only way to combat SPAM.

The future of MySpace will soon become like that of Burger Chef back in the seventies. It will someday be looked at as one of those trials and errors that we all go through. We all need to learn from our past mistakes and hopefully someday the people of MySpace will be able to do something else while remembering all the many mistakes that were made at MySpace.

What can we learn from the many mistakes of a site like MySpace? Number one is to never let a site go completely unattended by humans. Number two is to always keep our ears open so that the visitors to our site are always heard. Number three is to always look at what your competitors are doing with their sites and learn how to incorporate the things that are working the best into our own sites. The most important lesson is to never make changes to the site unless we first notify our users of the up and coming changes.

Now Alexa has a site called Way Back Machine or something which allows us the ability to see what a site looked like in the past but does it allow us to find these sites by just the niche or do we need the exact url or domain name of the site? We can learn a lot by looking into the past and a site is needed that allows us to view all of these sites just by the type of site they were.

I just looked at the site Wayback Machine and I do not see a way to search web sites by the niches they covered. We can choose to look at sites from the past if we know the url but if someone wanted to look at gardening sites of the past well then they are just out of luck. It would be ideal if we could search sites by the type of niche they specialized in like looking at old computer software sites like that of Egghead and Compuadd.

My prediction for Myspace is they will just be dead space by the end of our current decade unless they make some drastic improvements and changes to their site that will please their users instead of pissing them off like they now do.