My Story: Living Proof

“Yes, I have fibromyalgia and chronic pain, but hair analysis showed me what to do so they donot have me!”

In the 1980s, my life was full and very enjoyable. I was attending college, studying art, playing on the volleyball team and engaged to be married. I spent my mornings in classes, my afternoons studying or working at the college candy shop, and evenings dancing at clubs downtown or taking long walks by the lake. I had one more semester left in college and was excited about starting a career as an artist. Life was good!

One night at work as I was scooping out some candy for a student, my legs became weak and I started having trouble standing. Later that evening as I was sweeping up the floor, I fell. My strong legs that held me up while I was dancing were letting me down.

I started to have other symptoms. I was tired and ready for bed by 7 p.m. I had stomach problems that the doctor diagnosed as irritable bowel syndrome. I began losing circulation in my feet; they were so cold, I had to warm them in a bucket of hot water 2 or 3 times each day.

I couldnot imagine what was wrong with me. I felt like something had gotten into my body that didnot belong there – and it was making me sick. One day I was late for my painting final because I overslept and literally had to crawl through the art building and up the stairs because my legs wouldnot support me. My professor saw me, picked me up and asked what was wrong. I told him I had no idea, but I didnot like what was happening.

After graduation, I got married and systematically started losing all ability to walk. I visited doctor after doctor, but no one could identify the baffling ailment that was robbing me of my life, and I was losing hope.

This formerly high-energy college grad was now spending most of her days in bed sleeping, reading or watching television. I couldnot work, couldnot walk, couldnot cook, couldnot clean – couldnot do much of anything. I was constantly troubled with stomachaches, upper respiratory infections and yeast infections. The doctors put me on anti-inflammatory medications, blood thinners, pain relievers and antibiotics. My energy was low and my pain was severe. My friends and family comforted me the best they could, but I couldnot stop thinking the pain was all in my head. I seemed to be in a never-ending downward spiral, a repetitive cycle that needed to be broken.

I had never been one for religion but, at this point, I couldnot see any harm in trying to speak to God about my pain. I asked Him to send me help and guidance. I asked Him to please give me back a life of joy, allow me to be the wife my husband needed and the ability to help others.

About two weeks later, I went to a new doctor. This doctor was different from the others. He was an orthopedic physician and a fibromyalgia specialist. He asked many questions and said he knew what was wrong with me, but needed to prove it. He ran tests that no one else had done before. Two weeks later, those results confirmed that I had Lyme disease; an EMG also showed that I had nerve damage to my legs and feet. He said there was no cure for Lyme disease and, because of the nerve damage, I might never walk again. Although the news was devastating, I found myself overjoyed to have finally found the cause of my pain: it wasnot all in my head!

I was determined to get my life back, so I met with a nutritionist. Her degree was in clinical nutrition, but she was considered a fibromyalgia specialist. She said that the chronic pain I was having was very similar to fibromyalgia pain and she would like to put me on her fibromyalgia diet, nutrition and supplement program. She really understood the condition. The first thing I needed to do was start eating better. I had no idea that the food I was eating could be making me worse! I was glad her diet for fibromyalgia tasted good and was easy to follow.

The nutritionist then conducted my first hair analysis, explaining that it would tell her which supplements my body needed. I didnot know that hair could reveal so much about your health. Results showed that my calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium levels were all high, which meant that my body was not absorbing them. The minerals were actually getting stuck in my connective tissues, causing pain and inflammation. I had to work hard at fixing my absorption level. Within six months, my condition was markedly improved: the fibromyalgia and chronic pain symptoms were almost gone.

We then performed my second hair analysis, which showed an obvious improvement in my bodys ability to absorb. The nutritionist adjusted my protocol based on the new results and the true healing began as my health started to return. My body simply started working right again. The fibromyalgia diet and nutrition program helped my body absorb nutrients better, which helped me regain strength and energy so I could start enjoying life once again. And those upper respiratory infections, yeast infections and irritable bowel symptoms were gone.

I was feeling so much better that my husband and I decided to start a family. My children would need a mommy with lots of good energy. And my husband needed a life partner who could go on long walks, and go mountain biking on cool summer mornings.

Seeing this remarkable change, he encouraged me to get a degree in nutrition and start a private practice where I could help others with fibromyalgia and chronic pain. I obtained my degree in 1999 and now have a successful practice in Georgia. I have the privilege and joy of helping people get their lives back, the same way that wonderful nutritionist helped me. I consider myself a fibromyalgia specialist since I live with it every day of my life.

I hope you have found this story encouraging and you are ready to begin your journey back to good health. It has been more than 15 years since I was diagnosed with Lyme disease. My days now are mostly pain free and active. From time to time, it tries to come back, but I donot let it! The diet for fibromyalgia taught me how to eat better, and the hair analysis tests told me what to take to get better. I conduct a hair analysis on each of my fibromyalgia and chronic pain clients, so they, too, can get the answers they need to feel better.