My Problem With The Law of Attraction

I have always prided myself on being above average in intellegence. When I used To Watch Star Trek the Next Generation i used to compare myself as a cross between Data and Spock. With this mentallity it has been hard for me to put faith into the premise of a supreme being. I have always told myself that I am a believer in the theory of Evolution. This has made ‘the Secret” difficult for me.

I believe that we cannot be the only life that exists in the whole Universe. When people talk about God I always say that God is a visitor from a superior race from another World. I have always liked the Movie Stargate and I’ve always said that this is probably how we came to exist. The Bible says that God created earth and us in seven days, actually six with rest on the seventh day. A day for God though could be like a million years for all we know. 6 days would then become like 6 million years which goes more with the theory of evolution

I see the Bible as a simplistic view written by people of a much simpler time. Look at the Kosher laws, they could have been created from trial and error but then again they are pure logic. Back then if pork was not cooked properly you could get very ill and die. The same goes with meat and cheese eaten together. Look at Sabbath, even today nobody is able to work every day of their lives without any rest. it makes much more sense to work six and leave the seventh as a day of rest.

Now on the other side of my thoughts i have wtnessed a few miracles which cannot be chalked up as coincidence. Like when my fathers mother died. She was in a hospice for her last six months on life support. Finally on the day of her death it became very cloudy in her room which was right by Lake Michigan. Then a rainbow broke through the clouds and one end of it hit the window of her room and she openned her eyes , looked around at everybody, smiled, then closed her eyes forever.

Years ago when I was in Jail down in South Florida. the sheriff gave us some disgusting bologna for every meal. Finally one night I prayed and in my prayer i asked for old Fashioned Donuts that I used to eat all the time. The next morning for breakfast low and behold we had Old Fashioned donuts, three each. now keep in mind that for the last 2 weeks we had Bologna three meals a day and nothing else. That afternoon my doctors shoe pass got approved which was the pass I got to have special shoes instead of just flipflops. Then that night I was released.

Up until that day my religion was pretty much non existent. i was born and raised Jewish and being Jewish never brought much as far as good into my life. I will always be Jewish but after that day i started to say my prayers every day. I thanked God for my food each day and for the fact that I was alive and not incarcerated. I also thanked him for the people that were a part of my every day life.

This brings me back to my superior intelligence, the Law of attraction, and to everything else that makes me who i am. their are some things in my life that can conflict. On the side of Logic if I were to belive that we are all responsible for what happens in our lives then lloking on my life I would get very discouraged.

I’d rather go with Like attracts Like, and the theory of leading a positive life will bring positive things back into my life. With one side of my life there is logic and my constant worries about debt and day to day life. The other side tells me to be thankful and trust in a higher power. This would then lead me to someday being successful in every area of my life. Can you explain this to me in a better way?