My Lasik Vision Story

I am putting this story on the web to encourage those who are interested in a Lasik vision procedure, but have read so many horror stories that they are getting ever more reluctant. I had to get off of the Internet to get enough courage to even go down to a nearby Lasik center to have them talk about my individual case. I am glad I went, and the people were very kind, professional, and encouraging.

Let me begin with why I was even interested in Lasik. I have worn glasses for thirty years, ever since I was a very little girl. I have very weak eyes, and needed to wear my glasses from the moment I woke up until I went to bed. I have a special spot where they are kept, and a number of backup pairs of glasses so that I never have to go without them. I also have had some dry eye problems for the last few years, which is often a reason that Lasik doctors do not recommend the Lasik procedure for some people.

When I got to talk to the Lasik physician, he was encouraging but realistic. He stated that one of my eyes would be a good candidate for total vision correction, but the other eye would likely see only some (though possibly major) improvement. He stated that about one of his Lasik procedures per month are with clients with the same level of poor vision of my worst eye.

I would also like to encourage those people with some problems to go ahead and visit their local Lasik center to talk to the professionals there. As I mentioned earlier, I have had some occasional problems with dry eyes. I also have pupils that dilate easily. Both of these can be reasons to be dissuaded from Lasik, but in neither case were my problems significant enough for the doctor to consider me not a good Lasik client. Do go and discuss your individual case.

I cannot say that the information I was given made me totally relaxed about the whole procedure. I did talk myself into and out of the Lasik procedure several times during the weeks before it was done. The only thing I was a little bit surprised about was that I did not lose sleep over it, and that I actually showed up at the Lasik center to get the procedure done!

I was given a mild sedative (as well as numbing eye drops) and the Lasik procedure went without a hitch. Though I did feel a mild pressure during the time on my eyeball, my hands were the things that hurt after the Lasik operation was over (I must have had them clenched the whole time!). I was so grateful to my physician who said things like “I’m using the laser for 20 seconds, 5 seconds to go, procedure done for this eye. Very successful.” In this way I was reassured that the Lasik operation was going quickly and according to plan.

I followed all my Lasik physician’s instructions to the letter after the procedure, and I am so happy with the results! I could see much better even directly after the operation was over, and things have continued to improve. I personally do not have any of the problems that are often mentioned as effects, such as halos around lights, etc. I would strongly encourage anyone to be brave enough to go down to your Lasik center and at least talk about the Lasik procedure with a knowledgeable professional.