My Homemade Dog Toy

Personal Story About a Homemade Dog Toy

When I first got my dog, he was just a little puppy and loved to play with everything that I had laying around the house. He played with my leather coat. He tore up pillows on my sofa. He even took my daughter’s stuffed animal and ripped it to shreds. I had never had a dog before so I really didn’t know what to do and thought I was going to have to end up taking it back to the pet store where I had purchased it.

As I was talking to one of my best friends about the situation, I was truly on the brink of just giving up. I figured that I should cut my losses because this dog was going to end up being more hassle and expense than it was worth. My daughter, however, still loved the dog, so I couldn’t just give up. My friend told me that the problem had two parts.

The first part, she said, was that puppies are active and do go through a stage where they are very destructive of everything in their path. My puppy, I told her, was definitely in this stage. I worried that the dog would never even recover from this stage, and that was certainly a fear.

The second thing she recommended was for me to set aside and object in the house that was soft and that the puppy could make it’s own special toy. I should leave this object in the cage with the dog at night and on his pillow when he took naps during the day. The dog would calm down if he had a toy that he could take ownership of.

My friend said that she was able to take one of her old and very broken in shoes and that it calmed the dog down entirely so quickly. I looked through my closet and found the oldest pair of shoes I owned. I tossed it to our dog and she picked it up right away and trotted off to her pillow with it.

My dog now enjoys pulling at the shoe and tossing it around our living room floor. It is as if she has lost interest entirely in all other toys and activities and replaced it all with long days of playing with the shoe.

I couldn’t think of a better way to distract my dog and at the same time make him feel good than sharing my shoes.