My Golden Years

Have you noticed that some mature men and women look so old and others of the same age appear much younger? It is true that there are many factors contributing to these differences. However, I believe that we can take charge of our lives and enjoy the golden years as a vital, active, healthy contributing person.

The following guidelines can assist you to set your intent to enjoy your senior years and make a difference in the world.

My Golden Years

I am:

1. Feeling grateful for everything I can do.

2. Looking for ways to give to others.

3. Allowing myself to receive.

4. Forgiving, and being kind and loving.

5. Patiently pursuing my goals.

6. Accepting people and things the way they are.

7. Sharing my wisdom with my loved ones when asked.

8. Choosing to think positive thoughts that help me feel happy.

9. Exercising and eating healthy foods.

10. Treasuring every day.

11. Enjoying my Golden Years.

There is a good chance that you feel better already after you have read the poem. Now I am going to expand on the different ideas.

1. Feeling grateful and expressing what you feel thankful about is a powerful, positive way to live your life. When you express gratitude, you also may be feeling pleasure, delighted, pleased, satisfied, appreciative, comforted, and even rejuvenated. All these feelings help you to relax which helps the body to continue to function in a normal way. Instead of focusing on what you cannot do, be grateful for what you can.

2. There is a law of the universe that what you give you will receive. Being generous with your money, time, and energy will bring it back to you. It may be from different people but it will come. It also feels good to give and those good feelings help you stay young.

3. When you receive you give the other person the gift of giving which feels good to them. You deserve to receive and you are worthy no matter what you have said or done.

4. Being forgiving is a loving act and creates healing for others and you. Anger and resentment hurts your body. Realize that we all do the best we can with the information we have. Be forgiving, kind, and loving to everyone, including you.

5. Having goals is a wonderful way to enrich your life and have reasons to live. Be patient and persevering and enjoy the process along the way.

6. “Acceptance is the Key” and “Expectations Are the Culprit” are the names of two lectures I have presented. Acceptance comes from love, and an expectation is derived from fear (guilt). It is actually saying that if you do or don’t do something you or the other person are not okay. True love is actually unconditional. It is caring and acceptance.

7. Even if you think that you have the wisdom to solve other people’s problems, it is important to wait until you are asked for advice, or ask first if they would like some suggestions. Telling people what to do often stirs up rebellion, anger, and frustration. Help others make their own decisions by asking, for example, “What are your choices?”

8. Your body reacts to your thoughts. Positive thoughts expand the body and negative thoughts constrict it. The body needs expansion in order to be healthy. Also, thoughts are magnetic and bring to you what you are thinking (the law of attraction). Therefore, if you want more positive things to occur, think more positive thoughts.

9. It is important to participate in exercises that are appropriate for your body. There are many books and articles available on healthy foods. There seems to be a consensus to avoid sugar, simple carbohydrates, caffeine, fried foods, and an excess of alcohol. Most experts agree to eat mostly vegetables, fruit, protein foods, and complex carbohydrates. They also advise drinking at least 8 glasses of purified water a day.

10. See each day as a gift to be alive.

11. Set your intent to enjoy your golden years and you will.