My Beagle Wants More Life Balance!

Inspiration to write always strikes me at the most unique times. I never come up with articles during the time that I’ve set aside for creative writing. It’s during the moments when I am quiet and fully enjoying myself that topics leap out to me. This happened figuratively and literally this morning.

I was walking with Ray, our infamous beagle, around the lake neighborhood in the early morning. The sun was rising, the world was mostly still asleep, and we were power walking our way up a hill. Ray was happily panting and working his chubby little legs as fast as he could, when two stray dogs leaped from the brush and greeted us with long tongues and wagging tails. We know them. They roam the lake and like to walk with us when we are around.

What struck me this morning, was watching the female stray gallop ahead, plundering yards for outdoor dog bowls and squirrels. She looked absolutely alive with joy! Ray was watching her with admiration too. He wanted to be off his leash and able to run the neighborhood free with her. He would pull the leash and look back at me like, “Why do I have to be on a leash? This isn’t fair!”

Like my weight challenged beagle, many of us are on a tight leash. It reminded me of how we often look at life and profess to being “tied down” in some way or another. We are “leashed” by money, or what “everyone” thinks, or by values/ideals that we are “supposed” to uphold, that we miss the basics to true happiness. We become stressed out, irritable and enraged by our self inflicted prisons.

The stray had no home, but she was free to make her own way. No groomer, but the lake to swim in. No daily food bowl, but the ability to find her own meals. No family to live with, but the opportunity to greet everyone with a wet kiss.

I decided to let Ray off of his leash for a short time in a secluded area, and watched him run and play and smile from ear to ear. He and the stray played and romped and chased a few geese together. One, a pampered pooch from a breeder in Seattle, the other, a skinny and rough stray dog from Kentucky. No real differences within. They both are happy and energetic dogs with the desire to have fun. Ray returned to his leash for the rest of the walk, and his step was a little peppier.

So, my request today, is to find your inner stray, break free from your leash, and wallow around in the warm sun. If you aren’t sure what your self imposed leashes are, email me. We’ll work together to find them, and burn them. 🙂

Wag More, Bark Less!


Copyright (c) 2007 Susan Hyatt