Can anyone imagine this world without music? I certainly can! It is a world that is flat, meaning like food when it is bland. Uninteresting, unappealing and simply boring, and if there is music in the moon, I am sure everyone else “will fly to the moon and play among the stars,” as the song goes.

Music is anything and everything to the living and thinking of God’s creation. It makes us cry, it makes us laugh, just like in the movies. A good movie is nothing without its soundtrack or musical scoring. There were movies that were long forgotten but their music lives forever.

Music is like coffee. It perks one up in the morning. At night, it calms one down after a hard day’s grind. A nightcap will not be complete without one’s favorite classics.

Music nourishes the soul. It helps keep those creative juices flowing. Imagine how many
masterpieces have taken form from the inspiration of music.

Music is like vitamins. It keeps the adrenalin pumping. It keeps one company when jogging and when doing one’s aerobics.

Music heals, just as laughter and positive attitude do. Most doctors’ clinics have piped-in music to distract the patients from discomfort and pain.

Music can be restful, like the tranquil effect of a spa, the chirping of birds and the scent of flowers and aroma of herbs.

Music can be someone’s glory. Musical icons and idols had known success like no other thru their music.

Music is someone’s art. Great composers and musicians of exceptional talents are most revered in the field of music. Their musical legacy lived long after their time.

Music is about great arias, compositions that have crossed the bounds of culture. It is universal that knows no color and creed.

Music is lifting oneself to God in prayer. It is an expression of one’s faith, love and fidelity.

This is endless, but Abba will sum it up “I ask in all honesty what would life be …. Thank you for the music for giving it to me!”