Music Gear for Concerts

A concert is a live performance of music before an audience. This kind of performance may be performed either by a single musician, referred as recital or by a musical ensemble like an orchestra or a musical band. Concerts are held in different types of settings or venues like pubs, nightclubs, concert halls, and large multipurpose buildings and sometimes in sports stadium. For a musician concert is that platform where the person is exposed to public. Not only this, concerts are sometimes organized for the sake of charity, where the money collected goes to some causes of benefit.

But this same concert can go very elaborate and expensive if any musical group expects large audiences. In order to make the atmosphere more exciting they add some special entertainment devices like stage lights that changes according to the beat of the music, large video screens that show some per recorded video etc. These things to some extent can be considered as concert music gear.

In concert music one of the important music gears is the drum kit, which is arranged in such a way that makes convenient for one drummer to play it comfortably. The component of a drum kit varies according to the genre of music, personal preferences, financial resources and transportation options of the drummer. The individual instruments of every drum kit are struck with the help of hands, sticks, brushes and mallets. One interesting fact about drum is that it is one of the oldest instruments of the world whose basic design has remained unchanged for nearly thousands of years.

Synthesizer, a kind of electronic musical instrument that has the capability of producing or manipulating audio tones like musical notes through the process of audio signaling. It resembles some of the old traditional musical instruments like piano or an organ because it comes with a keyboard. Analog, digital and software are the three major kinds of synthesizer. In addition to this there are certain synthesizers that is built up using these three combinations popularly knows as hybrid synthesizers.

Violin, a popular musical gear, preferred single performing musicians during concerts tune a bowed string instrument with four strings in perfect fifths. Viola and cello also belong to this family. The player of the violin is known as violinist or fiddler. This musical gear is also used in the various genre of music like classical, jazz, Indian classical music and folk music.

Another popular and well-known concert music gear is piano played by the means of a keyboard. The word piano derived the name from Italian language. There are three types of piano namely grand, upright, and modern. Pianos are generally made of hardwood, maple and beech etc.

Guitar is instrument that comes generally with six strings but four, seven, eight, ten and twelve strings guitars are also found. Guitars can be divided into two broad categories namely acoustic and electric. An acoustic is that one that is not dependent on any external device rather uses a soundboard fixed on the front part of the body of the guitar. While electric guitar have solid, semi hollow bodies and produce little sound without amplification. This kind of guitar is used widely in jazz, blues, and rock and roll.

Other than these there are many other concert musical gears that are extensively used.