Museums to Visit in St Petersburg Florida

One of Florida’s original tourist destinations, the city of St. Petersburg is about more than beaches. Here visitors will find a whole host of museums and unusual attractions that help keep this city’s spirit alive and vital.

Located on Florida’s west coast near Tampa and within an easy drive of Orlando and Sarasota, St. Petersburg is home to some serious beaches, the Tampa Bay Devil Rays and the St. Pete Pier, among other attractions. But those who want to take in some culture on their trip to Florida know this city has one of the most unique collections of museums going.

Boasting a very strong arts community that only has a few rivals in the state, St. Pete is home to several world renowned museums, galleries and more. Museum attractions here include:

* The Florida Holocaust Museum. Located in the heart of the city, this museum pays somber homage to the memory of those who died during the holocaust. It is the third largest holocaust museum in the United States. Its collection includes pictures, books, films, memorabilia and more about the era. Plus, it features arts exhibits and has on permanent display a boxcar that was used to transport people to concentration camps. Not necessarily ideal for young children, the Florida Holocaust Museum is, however, an important destination for those who want to learn more about this darkest of times in world history.
* The Florida International Museum. With more 2.5 million visitors having made a stop here, this museum is known for its major expositions. It’s played host to the Treasures of the Czars, Splendors of Ancient Egypt, Alexander the Great, Titanic and more. The Titanic exhibit drew an estimated 800,000 visitors to this museum located very close to the pier. With gallery after gallery of display space, this museum commands respect on a large scale.
* The Salvador Dali Museum is a permanent home for many of the great painter’s works. Dedicated almost exclusively to Dali’s artistic undertakings and his life history in general, this is a must stop for the art lover. From time to time, the gallery does include the works of other artists who follow in Dali’s footsteps.
* Red Cloud Gallery. A gallery completely dedicated to Native American art, this location has become a big destination for locals and visitors alike.

It might not have its own roller coasters, but when it comes to some serious cultural exhibits, St. Petersburg doesn’t slouch. This city is a great stop on a Florida vacation or a destination in and of itself.