Muscle Toning for Women

When looking into muscle toning for women, women are surprised by many findings. Not only are women unable to build bulky muscles, as they may have feared, but they also are surprised to see that muscle toning can actually help them lose weight better than cardio exercise. With muscle toning for women, you can create the body of your dreams without having to starve yourself in the process.

The key to muscle toning for women is that you need to realize what the results of building muscle will be. When you break down your muscles, they will build back up, creating more strength. These new muscles need to burn more energy in order to remain strong and healthy – and they burn this energy in the form of calories. As you increase the toning of your body, you increase your muscle mass, which means you’ll be burning more calories at rest than you do right now. And when this happens, you can eat more without gaining weight or you can eat the same amount as you are right now and lose weight.

The trick with muscle toning for women is that you want to learn how to create muscle mass. This means that you need to learn basic strength training exercises that will help stress your muscles. To be even more effective, you should learn how to lift weights for their larger muscles – i.e. glutes and thighs. Because these muscles are larger, they can help to burn more fat and calories when they are strengthened through regular workouts. Try to find a fitness program that focuses on your major muscle groups instead of just your specific ‘trouble’ areas. You will want to know now that you can not spot reduce areas with toning exercises.

To properly fuel these new muscles, a muscle toning for women program should include a diet that’s filled with lean protein options and moderate fat grams. This isn’t about starving yourself to become slimmer, but rather fueling your body so that it can make muscle as well as burn fat at the same time. Drink plenty of water and eat a balanced diet that contains whole grains, vegetables, and fruits as well. Since women need calcium, low fat dairy products are also recommended. Try to eat about 10 calories per pound for your goal weight. So, if you want to weight 130 pounds, you should try to eat around 1300 calories each day. If you find that you’re really hungry on that plan, try to eat just one hundred calories more to see if that sates you.

When muscle toning for women, you should realize that it’s the most effective way to get in shape without torturing yourself. By following these easy tips, you’re going to uncover the body of your dreams – slimmer and stronger is a great combination.