Muscle and Fitness Hers

Perhaps every woman’s wildest fancy is to get super abs, sexy bums and fabulous thighs. Perhaps that’s why muscle and fitness for her is such a hot topic everywhere. You try every neighborhood gym, the Atkins’ diet, lots of pills and what not. You keep hopping from one diet to another for a flatter tummy but in vain. The trick is to follow a regular healthy diet instead of trying to follow some impossible diet plan.

In a way strict dieting is comparatively easier since you usually know what to eat and how much to eat. But the problem comes when the quantity and number of acceptable food is so short that it is not so sweet. On the other hand, everyday healthy eating might be confusing since you don’t know exactly what and when to eat but since the forbidden foods are acceptable in moderation so it is easier to follow it for a longer time. The diet should merge into a women’s lifestyle, keep her in high spirits and of course give complete muscle and fitness to her.

All this information on muscle and fitness for her is incomplete without talking about the right choices for a healthy diet. So what should the woman’s diet consist of? Fitness experts advice staple foods like eggs, blueberries, strawberries, oatmeal and oat bran along with whey protein powder. Coffee is fine for addicts, only if taken in moderate amount. When it comes to snacks then fat free cottage cheese, peanut butter, fat free popcorn, yogurt and nuts are allowed.

The intake of carbohydrates and starch should depend on the woman’s lifestyle and work schedule. She may try replacing bread and rice with some healthier options like vegetables. It is important to estimate her calorie requirements as well as calories intake. She should also make note of what she eats, how much she eats and also when she eats.

Another issue in the discussion of muscle and fitness for her is pills and supplements. Vitamin-mineral combinations, energy pills, herbal tonics – there are so many choices but very little time. It is true that the right supplements can not only help you to look and perform better but also feel great and energized; but the correct choice is still a mystery. The best way is to take the correct supplement depending on your need.

Women intending fat loss should take a combination of caffeine and ephedrine that can help you loose even one pound of fat every week. Women who intend to be athletes and need to do a bit of muscle building should take ceratine and glutamine to increase resistance power. Apart from it protein is vital for every woman. Protein is burned for energy as well as to support muscles; it is also essential to retain the body’s shape. If you are looking for a quick muscle building or recovery then go for supplements that contain HMB. It wouldn’t be out of place to add that though supplements play an important role in boosting muscle fitness for her but overdose can lead to complications too.