Multifunctional Machines

Are you looking for a desktop machine that can meet all your printing, photocopying, scanning and faxing needs in one? Then, a multifunctional desktop machine could provide the perfect solution.

Most multifunctional machines are designed to sit on a desktop and are capable of performing several different functions, all of which any small-to-medium sized business, or home user, would make use of very regularly.

There are a range of well-priced multifunctional machines on the market presently that are well-designed and compact, making for a great space-saving opportunity. Whether you are a home or business user, you will definitely be able to find something to suit your requirements and budget by researching and purchasing a multifunctional machine through a quality supplier.

Brands of multifunctional machines available include Canon, Samsung, Sharp, Brother and Panasonic. Most multifunctional machines available use laser technology. Laser machines are the ideal option for a business or office where the machine will be in heavy use and only mono-print is generally required. Laser makes for the best choice, as it offers fast print speeds, high quality and a low cost per page.

The lowest priced multifunctional machine available are fast and simple to use and have printing, scanning and photocopying functionality. They can have print speeds of around 20 pages per minute, with a first print speed of around the 11 second mark. Most of these machines in this price range weigh about 10 to 12 kilograms and usually have the option to connect to a network.

Moving a couple hundred pounds up the price range, certain multifunctional machines have innovative designs and will particularly suit very busy, small companies whose business activity is on the rise. Most will sit beautifully on your desktop and offer printing, copying and faxing, with the bonus of a colour scanner. They can easily produce double-sided documents and files can be converted into a variety of formats and routed to a variety of locations, including email addresses, ftp sites, desktop folders and databases. Most have network capability which is easy to use and install.

The highest level of multifunction machines available have added features like a three-way paper feeding facility and can print up to 16 A4 colour pages and 9 A3 colour pages per minute. They also can have an SOPM (Scan Once Print Many) function to aid productivity and a capacity of 600-sheets in a full paper tray.

By investing in a multifunctional machine you get an all-in-one option that not only saves you money but also space thanks to their small compact designs.