Muhammad Shah Dullah

In India, Syed Ghulam Ali Shah was collecting the religious dues in Kutchh, and after his death in 1797, the Imam Shah Khalilullah Ali, who ascended on May 23, 1792 had appointed him as a vakil in Gujrat. He mostly preached in north Gujrat among the Momina Ismailis. He led a pious life in the dress of a rich person. When he passed through any village, he had lot of horses and camels in his caravan. He also visited Sind, Kutchh and Kathiawar and composed few ginans. The accumulated funds he collected in these regions were remitted to the Imam lastly in 1807.

After serving for 16 years, he died on March 3, 1813. He was buried in the Ismaili graveyard in Bombay, where his mausoleum had been erected in 1822.

The oldest graveyard of the Ismailis existed in Bombay, which is famous for the mausoleum of Syed Muhammad Shah. It was built in 1768, and according to another report, in 1790, covering an area of 1270 square yards. Mukhi Alarakhia Sumar and Kamadia Khaki Padamsi had purchased a piece of plot, measuring 6978 square yards in September, 1856 from Nilaji Lukshmanji in Rs. 11500/- and it was added with the plot of existing grave-yard. The other surrounding sites were also purchased, making it for 22506 square yards.