Mudras & Hand Symbolism: Mudras of the Esoteric Christian Tradition Part 2

The Channeling Hands

There are times when we need to direct healing energy to a person. This may be done with the Channeling Hands. Although there are many techniques and methodologies for channeling energy depending on the nature of the problem and the healing tradition, this method is simple to recall and does not require much effort on our part.

For a general healing, the two hands are extended outwards–towards and within the aura of the patient–a centimeter or two away from the subject’s physical body. Imagine the hands radiating a white-golden force filling the patient’s aura. Next seal this magnetic-field with an inscription of a symbol meaningful to you. Trace this symbol in the air slightly above or beyond the person or object.

Like everything else in metaphysical practice, prior spiritual training under a true Guru, directly or indirectly appointed by the Holy Council of the Chohans, gives greater satisfactory results in healing operations.

The Manifester Mudra

“And it shall be, that thou shalt drink of the brook; and I have commanded the ravens to feed thee there. And the ravens brought him bread and flesh in the morning, and bread and flesh in the evening; and he drank of the brook.” 1 Kings 17:4,6

Elijah, one of the biblical prophets, was commanded by God to go to the “wilderness” to “hide.” This can actually be conjectured to be God’s (actually a Guru’s) command to Elijah to undergo a spiritual retreat to engage in meditation and other spiritual disciplines. Such spiritual retreats are called “Uzzlah” in Islam and “Hitbodedut” in Judaism, of which a specific physical environment is not always meant. Some people seem to think that meditation should only be done in peaceful and quiet surroundings–this is not true for someone of Elijah’s caliber who is able to precipitate such conditions in his soul whenever he wills. Advanced practitioners are not dependent on the environment for peace, for this is a false sense of peace. True peace comes from within and is a state attained by meditators wherever they physically find themselves.

Now while in retreat Elijah was fed bread and meat by ravens. This anecdote may be interpreted literally or more appropriately, esoterically and symbolically. We will not overdwell upon this issue here. What interests us is that Elijah’s needs were somehow fulfilled by an external force as a result of the workings of Cosmic laws. The scriptures do not relate this, but Elijah’s desire or need was preceded by a request to be sustained–“ask and it shall be given”–that is the spiritual injunction. How desires may be requested for fulfillment is “coincidentally” depicted in the picture of Elijah above. The finger-tips of the two hands are placed together forming an empty space between them. Occultism teaches that this mudra builds up a natural magnetic-force between and around the hands while in this position, and this force may be imbued with a certain quality, feeling, idea, or thought. The resultant accumulation of power and the magnetization of this packet of energy with a thought or feeling is known as a thought-form, and at more advanced levels where a degree of consciousness is embued to it, the packet of energy becomes a “servitor” or a “familiar.”

When subsequently released to the Cosmic realms, this thought-form strives to manifest on the physical plane that which it was programmed to do. This is why we name this mudra “the Manifester,” for it helps to generate the energy and force to manifest one’s desires–one reason why it is instinctively used during prayer. The mudra is one of the secret tools applied in the art of mental creation. We may manifest anything within the world of possibility and such manifestations may occur instantly or after a time delay.

In order to manifest anything, one must first accumulate psychic energy. There are many methods of doing this which are taught in metaphysical schools. One must also be able to release the thought-form to angelic intelligences and elementals and to urge their cooperation in the work of manifestation of which in this context we act as the First Cause. Their help are essential and this cannot be done if we do not acquire and maintain a good relationship with these beings or have authority over them. In the biblical story of Elijah mentioned previously, these elemental and angelic beings are represented by the ravens.

As this work with the elementals requires training under a qualified Guru, we will not offer the formula in full here for to convey such power to those who would abuse or misuse it is a dangerous thing to all parties concerned. We are to be responsible for what we give out. If a student abuses power the teacher likewise reaps a percentage of the karmic effects. There are metaphysicians who would deny this in their ignorance; nevertheless, it is true. In their ignorance, irresponsible “paranormals” or Gurus offer their occult teachings, their so-called powers and knowledge without any consideration as to the moral fitness of the recipient. We emphasize right here that some things just cannot be put into print for public consumption–not when the false ego reigns supreme. However, to return from our digression and putting the training work aside, the basic steps for manifesting anything are as follow:

1) Assuming the mudra and the generation/accumulation of Power

2) Attunement

3) Invocation of the angelic intelligences and elementals

4) The building-up of the thoughtform and empowering it

5) Release of the thoughtform with the certainty and faith that it will manifest

The Beast Master

Every student of biblical study is familiar with the story of Daniel and how he was thrown into the lion’s den due to the nefarious plot of jealous individuals (Daniel 6:3-24), and also how he survived the ordeal. Like many other stories in the scriptures, this tale offers more value to us when interpreted esoterically rather than understanding it in a historical sense.

Metaphysically speaking, beasts of prey represent the lower instincts, desires, and emotions within man. The task of the disciple is to tame these energies and harness them for a higher purpose. Therefore, Daniel, having subdued the lions signifies a disciple’s spiritual mastery over the forces governing his four-fold personality–his mental, astral, etheric and physical bodies.

The Beast Master mudra collects energies from the cosmos and directs them to the heart, it also raises and transmutes the lower “animalistic” energies residing in the solar plexus to the heart region where a major chakra is located. The energy that accumulates in the heart builds up the chakra that subsequently attracts a greater influx of power from the Monad, which is the divine spark within the microcosm.

To conduct the Beast Master exercise, extend your left hand outwards, palm facing upwards. The right hand should be placed over the heart, palm inwards. The next step is to visualize the left hand collecting energy from the cosmos. See silvery-golden light from a spiritual source entering your left palm and travelling to your heart. Do this for 5-10 minutes. By placing your right palm over your heart, a closed-circuit is formed that would build magnetism within the chest and thus further nourish the important heart-center.

Continuing to the next phase of the exercise, while still in the same mudra position, visualize a ball of energy in the solar plexus region. See it scintillating and vibrating with power. Suck this energy upward to the heart until the ball of energy at the solar plexus diminishes while the energy in the heart chakra area increases. This second part of the Beast Master should also be done for several minutes.

After completing the second stage, continue with the last step: Visualize a scintillating ball of silvery light above you. Chant and vibrate the word “Yeheshua” for 7x. Now inhale deeply and as you do so, direct a beam of light from this silvery ball of power above you to the crown of your head–continue visualizing its descent downwards where it engulfs the heart. As you hold your breath, see your heart covered in divine radiance as depicted in the picture above of the Benediction mudra. Exhale when you feel uncomfortable. Repeat the chanting and the breathing cycle for 5-10 minutes.

Once the heart chakra has unfolded, the energies residing in it may be directed in various ways by the white magician.

The Heart Polarizer Mudra

The purpose of the Heart Polarizer is to strengthen the psychic center in the heart region and to polarize one’s consciousness at the level where love reigns in all its splendor.

The average person is polarized in the solar plexus chakra where the lower emotions are based. By transcending this chakra and focusing and functioning from the heart center we liberate ourselves from our human mortal thoughts, feelings and attitudes, and claim the heritage of our innate divinity.

To perform this mudra: place the left hand sideways against the center of the chest, thumb inwards to the heart as may be seen in the picture above. Maintain this position for 5 minutes or more while doing deep breathing. Focus your attention upon the heart where the spark of your divinity lies.

The Energizer Mudra (Sign of Reverence)

This mudra generates a certain energy within one’s bio-magnetic field. It is a hand pose to be found in the practices of countless spiritual traditions and religions. While in prayer we often assume this pose and arise out of it spiritually strengthened and nourished. The power generated with the use of this mudra uplifts the mind giving one a new zest and enthusiasm for life. Needless to say, one of the secrets of prayer is the pose of the body and hands that configures one’s energy structure to greatly facilitate the communion between worlds and the exchange of forces.

Execute this mudra by uniting both hands at the level of the chest, palms together and fingers pointing upwards. Maintain this pose for 5-10 minutes–or much longer if you are able to. Feel the energy developing in the area of the hands as it slowly spreads up to the arms and body. This mudra could trigger an automatic response from the nervous system resulting in unusual movements of the limbs and body.

The Christ Wisdom Mudra

This mudra develops in us spiritual wisdom. As mentioned in a previous chapter, every finger symbolically and magnetically represents a certain element. In this mudra we have spirit or ether (middle finger) acting on air or the mental faculties (index finger). When the mind is influenced by spirit it develops spiritual wisdom–not the wisdom of this world, but the wisdom of the gods that transcends human understanding.

For 5-10 minutes (or longer), place the tip of the right forefinger upon the tip of the middle finger of the left hand. The rest of the fingers of the right hand are folded, while in the left only the thumb and first three fingers are extended. The palms of both hands should face towards the chest. Refer to the painting at left.

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