Moving Towards 2012

Turbulence is life force that provides the opportunity for change. With the heaviness, confusion and uncertainty that many people are experiencing in their lives, the question arises as to what the heck is going on? The ‘norm’ that many of us have come to expect and rely on appears to be leaving, and for many people this can be scary. During this period of time we are finding it increasingly difficult to plan for our futures. This experience is pushing us to focus on the present moment. When we’re focused on the present moment our attention is given to what is in front of us. We are therefore, not operating with fearful beliefs from the past or for the future.
Although there is much to explain, this period in our history is also a very multi level weave of our evolutionary history, present and future paths. If we could stand on a high cliff we would see that the wars, the bombings, the relationship shifting, the structures that no longer fit, and the changes in our bodies, are all in perfection. When we look at things with our linear minds or our black and white mentality, we cannot fathom this concept but this period demands that we begin to look at things from higher perspective outside the linear mind. When we are in the midst of these changes and shedding layers of old memories, feelings and behaviors, we tend to see the negative unfolding before us, but it is in these seemingly bleak moments where we birth and uncover great parts of who we are; this is the positive side of the experience.
Many indigenous cultures believe humanity is headed toward a positive turning point in history, specifically the Mayans who were brilliant mathematicians, astronomers and keepers of time. They believe this point to be the winter solstice of Dec 12, 2012. This is a distinctive point when our sun reaches the center of our galaxy and our solar system completes a 26,000 year cycle. The solar system revolves and wobbles throughout the heavens—this movement is what propels us through the different ages of history. We are presently moving out of the Age of Pisces into the Age of Aquarius . As we leave one energy and move into another we are experiencing shifts in consciousness. If we wonder how we have evolved as a civilization we need only examine our history through these Ages know as the procession of the equinox. An Age lasts approximately 2,160 years and is represented by the 12 zodiac signs totaling a 26,000 year cycle.
Looking at things from a new perspective we can perhaps make sense of why the world ‘appears’ to be in such chaos. Letting go of the old out dated systems and beliefs we have held onto for the last 2,160 years is not something we would easily relinquish. Internally and external we need to be pushed to make these changes in order to evolve and move forward. It is really for the greater good and eventual evolution of our planet that things are as they are. It is like a forest fire that burns out of control—leaving the landscape looking barren, black and bleak. But, before you know it, the life force reappears—the green pushes through, the lushness appears and things begin to take root that have never taken root before.
As the planets do their dance through the heavens over the next few years we will see massive shifting in many situations. Our structures as we have known them will not remain the same– this is happening presently but will intensify towards the end of this year when we see Pluto (death, rebirth and transformation) leaving the sign of Sagittarius and entering the sign of Capricorn . If we look at Sagittarian energy and look at Pluto’s effect during its stay here since 1995, we can see how religious systems are changing and in some ways disintegrating, how globally we have become more aware of each other and the conditions certain areas of the world face. We have reexamined and redefined many laws in our legal system and held those in power accountable. Capricorn will focus us on changes in our structures specifically the corporate world and our governments. This again will not be a walk in the park for some people but it is a necessary process to heal and balance scenarios where money, greed and power have become disproportionate and at the expense of others.
In order to maneuver through this point in our history it is important to remember to envision what we want in our lives, in our world and for our planet. By understanding that all experiences have a purpose in moving us along our evolutionary path we are better able to accept the situations as they occur and remain focused in the present moment. It is in the present moment where creative problem solving becomes effortless and fluid and the challenges of our present time do not seem so overwhelming.