Moulinex Juicer – A Multi-Speed Model

The Moulinex Juicer takes care of our daily vitamin needs with its ease of use and super convenient design.

When you first examine any of the Moulinex Juicers, you will likely be taken aback by their sleek design and high tech lines.

It looks more like something from a science fiction movie than a gadget for your kitchen, but don’t let the pretty face fool you.

This baby packs a pretty powerful punch when it comes to delivering fresh juice right at your fingertips! The only work that you have to do is cut up the fruit, feed it into the juicer and then pour your juice.

This easy to assemble juicer also has a special one hand easy operation function, and several safety features. One such feature is an emergency cut off.

When the juicer is not assembled or it is not assembled or the basket is not locked in properly, the Moulinex Juicer simply can not be switched on. It does have two speed settings, though, that allows different types of vegetables and fruit, both hard and soft, to be juiced easily and successfully.

The pulp container will have to be emptied after about two glasses of juice, but this is a simple task that can be completed quickly. Cleaning is also simple, just rinse the parts with warm, soapy water and dry, or you can soak the parts in warm, soapy water and later put them in the dishwasher.

All the parts of the Molineux Juicer are dishwasher safe. It is best if you wash the parts immediately after use because the fruit or vegetables can dry on the parts, making them more difficult to clean.

The Molineux Juicer has some pretty amazing features. It is a citrus press (with its own citrus press attachment) and juicer in one so that you can have great variety in your juices.

It also has a multi speed button so that you can juice all different kinds of fruits and vegetables. The filter grid is 100% stainless steel and a cleaning brush is included.

The lid locks for extra security against accidental spills. The pulp container is 0.7 L and is transparent so you can see when it is full. The cord stores easily inside the unit and the spout is metallic and snaps up to prevent drips. It also comes with three glasses and a clip on holder.

The Moulinex model is easy to use, reliable and easy to clean. It has a strong motor with varying speeds for juicing a variety of fruits and vegetables.

It is affordable and has received rave reviews from users. For a good, solid juicer that offers a ton of features and ease of use, the Moulinex Juicer is the one to choose.