Motivational Tip on the Path to Your Dreams: Give Yourself the Loving Encouragement You Need!

Self-criticism is a common pattern faced by those on the path of manifesting their dream. I guess it shouldn’t be so surprising as we grow up going to school and having our performance judged and measured all along the way.

The thing is nobody is ever perfect in all ways. We’re not meant to be perfect. We’re just meant to be ourselves.

Self-criticism can take the wind from beneath your wings and cause you to doubt yourself, your actions and your worth. It can slow or even stop any true progress and movement toward your most heart-felt dreams.

By beginning to see this pattern of looking down on yourself, you are allowing yourself a new choice. A choice to give yourself a positive, encouraging message rather than a discouraging negative one. This allows you to create a much more joyful reality and helps you to move forward in the direction of your dreams with greater speed and confidence.

Imagine what true progress you can make toward your dreams if you have a mean little criticizer on your shoulder, watching and judging your every move. How motivated do you feel when you are put down?

I’m guessing not at all. So why do this to yourself?

Now I want you to imagine the progress you would make if you had a loving encouraging person beside you celebrating every little success you have, every little good thing you do, celebrating when you feel good and inspired, celebrating you for just being you!

Imagine the motivation and confidence you would feel with this kind of encouragement! Imagine how much easier the journey to your dreams would be.

You may think that if you judge your progress that you will be more perfect. The truth is, you will just be more held back, restrained, and your true passion will never come out.

Allow yourself to let go of the idea of perfection, and replace it with authenticity. Allow yourself to be you as you are. Do your best, but do not require perfection. Instead, give love and encouragement instead of judgement and criticism.

Why not begin today to set this voice of judgement aside?

Instead, choose to see yourself with eyes of love. Be that loving voice of encouragement and acknowledge only the good things you do. That criticizing part of us can come out all too often, better to begin to develop your own loving voice of support that can cancel out that critical part of you. A voice that helps you to move forward perhaps imperfectly, but at least it will be a move toward your dreams.

Take action!

Begin now by keeping a journal or paper nearby to write down all of the good things you are doing, the good things about yourself as you go about your day. Perhaps you can note your successes, however small and seemingly insignificant they might seem. Give yourself the gift of acknowledgement and appreciation of the good that you do.

Celebrate the small steps you take and you will only want to take more. And when you see yourself with love, you not only feel better, you have such a deep spiritual power rise up in you, a feeling that you can do anything.

So begin today to be more loving to yourself and you will enjoy a much more loving, joyful, abundant reality. Be more loving to yourself and you will find the motivation you need to do what it takes to create your most heart-felt dreams.

Copyright (c) 2007 Fia Crandall