Motivation Tips for Working Out

In this era where a fit and sexy body is coveted by many, people are desperate to shape up their bodies. Everyone knows that good overall fitness is due to physical activities, but honestly, it’s easier said than done. Many people know the ways to work their muscles and sweat it out but the problem comes in keeping the motivation alive.

Knowledge about health and becoming fit is indeed useless if you can’t put them into practice. So, enough of collecting exercise videos, fitness magazines and exercise equipment. Focus on working your body and getting it in shape with action. You need to look for things to stay motivated in doing your regular exercise routines because consistency is one of the keys to success.

You don’t need to look any farther when searching for inspiration and motivation. Here are seven secrets of keeping the determination burning.

Identify the reason behind your efforts to become fit and healthy. For you to become successful in any endeavor you’re going to undertake, you must have a good reason to do it. When it comes to exercise, the same is true. Ask yourself why you need to do physical activities and you’ll be on the right track. Why will you bother to get up early in the morning instead of staying in bed and sleeping a little longer? A lot of people reply “because I want to become healthier” or “I want to shed off some pounds.” These are good but not good enough to make you endure the routine in the long run. Dig deeper into yourself and you’ll discover the important things you value in life.

Make a commitment. When you have finally found out the reasons for your efforts, the next thing you need to do is to make a commitment to your exercise program. Commitment simply means you need to carry out your decision long after the excitement and thrill have gone. Many people often find themselves quitting their workout routines after only a few weeks because they no longer find it exciting and thrilling. Once you have decided to do something for your own benefit, stand by it because the payoff will be greater than what you’ve expected.

Be SMART in setting your goals. SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-bound. Setting a SMART goal will keep frustration and discouragement at bay. For instance, if you have set your goal to be to lose about 100 pounds in two weeks, you’re definitely kidding yourself. Instead of making impossible and ridiculous goals, why not try to set one based on your capacities and your own condition? For example, if you want to drop 40 pounds, it will only take a short amount of time before you notice success. Set a measurable and achievable goal every day that will let you feel success. Also, keep a weekly diary and make goals each day for the types of exercises you want to perform, the length of your daily workout and the intensity of the activities you’re doing.

Monitor your activities and keep track of the progress. Once you have set the goals and have them written down on your diary, make sure to create a record of your daily progress. If possible, make a chart for it. Write down the things you have successfully carried out daily and compare them with the goals you have listed. When you see your daily achievements matching your goals, you’ll be more motivated to keep up the good job you’re doing. Consistency makes exercise easier and can also make you work longer and harder. After some time, you’ll notice the improvements in your body. Of course, seeing how your exercise and fitness program progress each day will inspire you more to achieve bigger goals in life.

Make sure to get objective feedback from the people you value the most. After your routine, you’ll feel the endorphin level rising in your body and the energy will last the entire day. You know that working out is effective in making your body fitter and healthier but you need to get objective feedback. Get a heart rate monitor to keep track of your exercise’s intensity or an accelerometer to keep track of the calories you burned in the day. Of course, it’s also important to get feedback from your family and close friends to know if all your efforts are becoming already evident in your body.

Ditch the “all or nothing” mindset. Some unfortunate things happen and it’s inevitable. So instead of sulking in a corner because you didn’t get the chance to complete your five-day exercise, find a way to still make the most out of it. Learn how to become flexible and you’re up for success. In nutrition, wellness and health, this kind of mindset won’t work because the needs of the body could change as you progress in your fitness program.

Be accountable to yourself in everything that you do. Studies show around 95 percent of people who engage in exercise programs tend to quit because they don’t get any support. The reports also show that those who have some form of support system have better chances of going on with the exercise program than those who don’t have any. Indeed, you need someone who would hold you accountable but you must also be accountable to yourself.

Getting in shape would be more effective and fun if you get your family and friends involved in the process. Aside from burning calories, you can help each other to remain healthy and active. Most of the time, family and friends are some of the best support providers to people who want to maintain their motivation in continuing the exercise program.