Motivation – 12 powerful self motivation techniques for life

Motivation means a “reason to act”. The statement “Just do it” may be easier said than done. Often we find it hard to pull ourselves out of the rut of past habits and be motivated. We find it difficult to get our buts off the couch and get what we want done. Here are 12 power packed techniques to get you motivated and create the life you’ve always dreamed of.

1) Be a bum. Take time off to dream, enjoy and bask in the glory and enjoyment of this earth and of nature. Bask. Take the time to discover inner peace and appreciate yourself.

2) Write your own obituary. Think of what would be written if you had to write it right now, 6 months from now and if you had to write it when you are at 100 years of age. How different will they be? This can be quite revealing. 3) Know for a fact that you are extremely valued and loved. That you have the right to dream and explore. No one is going to take that right away from you. Tell yourself ” I am loved and valued. God loves me. Everything is conspiring to make me better and better. Even though I may make a few mistakes, it only makes me wiser and stronger.

4) Realize that you have a destiny to fullfil. You were created for a purpose. The world will be different without you. You do and are here to make a difference.

5) Love yourself. Tell yourself that you love yourself. Say “I love myself” a hundred times. Love your entire self. Tell every part of your body, spirit and soul that you love it. Say: I love my head, I love my body, I love my hair, I love my eyes, I love my toes, I love my toenails, etc. Because our Creator did not create anything less than excellent. Every part you is a masterpiece of love and genius. Accept it. Embrace it. Love it.

6) Take responsibility. There is no other reason for what you are at your present state than what you have allowed into your life. Admit it. Law of Attraction or not, you are responsible for creating your life and your future. After all, there is another law: the Law of Cause and Effect. Once you realize You have control over more areas than one, you will have the freedom to explore, discover, change and move on. Motivation increases by leaps and bounds.

7) Set goals, and find strong reasons for your goals. Think of the three most important goals you want to achieve in the next year and pick out the single most important goal. Think of 20 different reasons why you want to achieve these for each of the goals. The more reasons you can give for your goals, the more you will want to achieve them ( the last few reasons may take some creativity but the exercise is well worth it).

8) Find a strong enough reason and Take Action Right Now. Know that your action makes a huge difference. Imagine the worst case scenario if you had not achieved what you’ve set out to do. For example, if you did not act quickly enough, a life would not have been saved. Or if you did not accomplish a certain task by a certain date, your life and that of your entire family will be at stake. Your action NOW will make or break the day.

9) Fuel the reason with passion and emotion. Feel repulsed, disgusted for example, if you still have not lost weight after a designated time. Feel exhilarated when the outcome is reached. Act as if the outcome has been achieved. Belief with emotion and action is extremely powerful.

10) Tell someone. Tell a friend of family member what you intend to do. Grab a mentor, a coach. Anyone. Just by being accountable to someone will do wonders to your motivation level.

11) Fill your mind with your successes, positive thoughts. Yours and others who have gone the same path. Learn fear busting techniques, techniques that fuel your passion, techniques for personal excellence. Tell yourself you will not aim low. Tell yourself you will multiply your value a hundredfold. Visualize the imagined outcome and believe it will come true.

12) Finally, ( this is the best) in gratitude think of how you can give back to the world. Love what you are doing. Love your surroundings. Love – your family, your neighbors, the poor, the needy. You come from a position of abundance. You have been given much. Give in return. In so doing, you will achieve real happiness and great satisfaction. The love you give will return a hundred and thousandfold. Your motivation level will increase dramatically. And you will become unstoppable.