Mosaics Samples Information

Many would-be mosaic artists are always looking for potential art works. If you’re one of them, you will find two creative samples of mosaic works in this article. Read on to find out more about these samples.

After celebrating Easter, you will have lots of eggs. Why don’t you gather the eggs and use the shells to create a mosaic?

This is an easy mosaic project that you can finish in just forty minutes. Gather all the Easter egg shells and break them until they are flat in shape. Get a dark-colored poster board and draw a simple design or image. If you have a small paintbrush, you can use it dab glue on the surface. However, if you don’t have a paintbrush, you can use a piece of cotton swab. Put glue in small sections at a time and stick the pieces of egg shells. Continue putting glue on the different sections until the entire image is filled with egg shells. Allow your mosaic to dry.

Some individuals prefer to use light colored poster boards. That’s also good but you will not get the desired effect. If you think to can create a mosaic without drawing any image or picture, you can put the egg shells directly over the surface.

Another design that you can try is the fingerprint mosaic. For this art work, you will need tiles from an old scrabble, paint or white primer, and ink pad. Find the letters that make up the ‘hand print’ words and set them aside. Get ten scrabble tiles and prime the back side; you can apply a second coating but make sure to dry it completely.

Use a non-toxic ink pad for this mosaic project. Cover your fingertips with ink and press in on the painted side of the tile. Make sure that your fingers are coated with just the right amount of ink. You can even try practicing on a piece of paper so that you will make any mistakes when you finally imprint it on the tile.

Once you’ve imprinted all your fingertips on the ten scrabble tiles, you can now arrange them according to your desired image. Don’t forget to include the tiles that spell ‘hand print’.

There are still other images that you can create using the scrabble tiles. Create an image that will suit the size of the tile. Since the tiles are not that small, you need to create a much larger image with just enough details. You can color the tiles with different paint colors and allow them to dry completely. Simple mosaic works can be displayed in your children’s room or playroom, especially the hand print design.

The egg shells and the scrabble tiles are excellent mosaic projects. You can even ask your kids to participate because the designs are simple. It’s a good idea to introduce different art works to your kids while they are still young. During your spare time, encourage your kids to take part in the project. You can create mosaics of different designs by using the eggs shells and the scrabble tiles.

Try it now and it can be a great bonding experience for the whole family. Mosaic samples are widely available online and in art books. Get the needed materials now and start working on your mosaic. Have a fun-filled time with your kids and family.